Saturday, 29 January 2011

Its the Weekend!

I am so glad it is the weekend.............and that my Missy Moo, who has been off sick from school all week, seems a lot better.

Firstly, a big thank you to all those who gave me crochet tips and websites to look at.  I have had a quick look, but have started an Easter cross stitch kit from Hobbycraft, so will finish that before getting stuck into crochet.

We are having an understairs cupboard fitted today.  So we are all huddled in the living room with the fire on.  No point having the heating on, as the front door is constantly open. It will be so nice to have a space to store coats, ironing board, hoover - anything that needs to be hidden away!  So I am sitting here taking the header tapes off of the gingham curtains I bought from Argos, ready to start covering Missy Moo's screen.

I have also just received 2 of my many house magazines - Ideal home and Country Homes & Interiors.  Between me and my friend, we buy/subscribe to all of the house magazines every month and then lend them to each other!  I really am hooked on interiors!  Once I get mine back, they get stored in the garage until I have time to go thru them ripping out and filing away "interesting" pages.

There was a new mag out last month that was really quite good.  Will have to dig it out to recommend it to you.  I will be adding that to my list. The amount of money we must spend on not think about it!

Have a good weekend


  1. I also subscribe to those two magazines and think I am slighly addictited to interior magazines!

  2. Country Homes and Interiors is my favorite mag and I hoard them all until I run out of space and then,like you I cut out all the pics of the rooms I really like and file them away.I don't subscribe though,so I'll have to wait until it comes into the shops,hopefully next week.
    Hope you have fun filling up your new understairs cupboard! :0)

  3. Thanks for your comment - I read the Sainsburys thread over on MSE last night so I think that's where the dream came from! I've not had chance to get to my local though. I'm part way through reading my Ideal Home mag, I like to savour it lol (how sad am I!). I take pictures out too, I love filling notebooks and scrapbooks with inspiration :) x

  4. Hi thanks for popping over and leaving lovely comment... i am also a mag addict if you have time look back through old posts on my blog have kept every addition of country living from first issue.. far far too many... nice to meet you Linda