Tuesday, 11 January 2011


The picture below should have been in with my kitchen ones but at the time I couldn't find the "before" picture I had taken!

This was a dresser that I had bought off of ebay for £40

Then I painted it...........but just need to get round to doing the final coats on the door!!

Since taking the above picture, I have also added a beige spotty oilcloth to line the drawers and shelves.


  1. you have a gorgeous kitchen..i love it all..i could just move in and use all your things because its all so me !!!!
    love the dresser makeover.. i think orange pine should be banned dont you!!

  2. What a great transformation!
    You have really made it so pretty!x

  3. Great dresser. What a difference a lick of paint can make huh?

  4. I need your advice because I'm a novice home decorator. I've just rescued a similar dresser from a kerbside, it is also the horrid "orange" pine, and I plan painting it "Antique White USA" - do I need to sand it back to the bare timber?
    I love the results of your makeover!

  5. Hi Indigo,
    Tried to reply on your blog but was unable to. Thanks for popping by! No, I never sand them back - don't know if you should. I always just give them a couple of coats of primer first then my top coats and it always comes out well! Good luck and make sure you put some before and after piccies on your blog.

  6. Sorry, I should have left my email for reply. Thanks so much for that advice, saves a lot of elbow grease, the part I hate most. I've just bought a huge tin of a good quality primer, and between Summer visitors, I'll be working on my dresser. Will be sure to point you to my blog when its done! Thanks a million. Love your blog, too xx