Wednesday, 27 April 2011

An easter bunny

My daughter is going into 2 digits next week.  Cant believe she is going to be 10!!

She has always wanted a pet she could cuddle - we have only ever had goldfish!  So when a friend asked if she would like to hamster-sit for a week, we decided it would be a good opportunity to see if she was actually interested enough to get involved properly.

Anyway, I am glad that we did!  Yes, she was really committed but whenever she went to play with the was asleep!  So we decided, yes she could have a pet but that we would have a rabbit instead.  When I was young I had 3 rabbits and then around 11 at one point when 2 of them had babies! So I know a bit more about rabbits than hamsters!

Anyway, we bought a hutch from e-bay and just went to LOOK at the rabbits.  We werent going to buy as it was just before we went on our short break to Suffolk and it wasn't her birthday yet. But of course she fell in love with one of them, then on our return the shop had sold out of rabbits totally!
So now that we were in the mode of buying, we called in at another petshop and they had some lion head rabbits that were 6 weeks old and that dont grow to much bigger than a dwarf rabbit (which is what we wanted)

So meet Cocoa.............

Chocolate is my daughters favourite food, we got her just before Easter and she is a brown colour - so Cocoa seemed an ideal name!
She is just a lovely ball of fluff! She likes being handled - which is good but is also really inquisitive and loves to zoom around, 100 miles an hour when we let her out!  The only thing is - she also likes to nibble our shoes and my jeans for some reason!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Suffolk Delights

Well we had our short break to Suffolk - we visited some lovely places in beautiful weather!

We spent a day at Colchester Zoo and was very pleasantly surprised.  It had been recommended to us by a few different people and we were glad that we listened to them.  It was the best zoo we have been to.  You didnt have to walk far to get to the next lot of animals, all of the animals looked well looked after in spacious enclosures and there was a good variety.

We also visited Southwold, Snape, Aldeburgh and Woodbridge - again on recommendations and really enjoyed walking around these pretty places.  Of course I made a few purchases............
This door stop and the carrier bag holder below were from a vintage and homemade craft fair.
I got two of these tealight holders from Southwold Pier. I have taken the fish and shell bits off and put those up seperately in our family room.  I am going to hang the hearts either side of the mirror in our living room.
This wooden box was £2.50 from a charity shop
These postcards were 18p each.  I just love them and am going to frame them and put them up in the white corridor that we recently painted.  As suggested by many of you, I was going to put vintage mirrors up there - but I haven't actually found any yet! plus I am worried that light will reflect back into my daughters room.  As the room at the end of the corridor is our family room which has a seaside theme, I though I might now do a retro seaside corridor leading to it.  What do you think?  

So we have had a nice break away, a few days back relaxing and catching up with things and are looking forward to another break in the not too distant future!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Some Suffolk Secrets please

I am just planning our trip to Suffolk.  We are going to go to Colchester Zoo for the day, then travel to Ipswich and stay overnight.  Then we are going to go up to Southwold and work our way back down to Ipswich,stay overnight again before making our way home.

On our way back from Southwold to Ipswich I want to visit some pretty market towns....and if they have shops full of pretties - then even better!  So I need some recommendations pleeeeeease!!  

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A day off!!

Firstly a little peep at the main Mothers day present I received......
I have now sorted out my work hours so that I have every Wednesday off.  And I couldnt have started with a better Wednesday!! However, I didn't see much of the sun! I went into town to the library and around a few charity shops.  I bought a couple of easter bits........

and then on my return, did the upstairs housework, had lunch, downstairs housework, painted the staircase woodwork and finally had 10 minutes in the garden before it was school run time!!  Oh well, at least the house looks nice again now!!

While doing the housework I realised that I hadn't shown you around our bedroom or my son's!!

So here is ours............

I eventually want to collect lots of hearts for that wall

I still need to get bits and bobs for mantlepieces and shelves etc. Because we have been doing one room after another I am just searching for that particular room each time.

Now, my son is very modern and minimalistic and also has a tiny bedroom - so couldnt show you much of it!!
So I think you have seen the living room, kitchen/diner, study, 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, family room and hallway(in progress). So not much left now - porch, toilet, wetroom - which all need doing up and the gardens................and then I think you have had a full tour!!

Fingers crossed for more sun tomorrow!