Thursday, 21 June 2012

At long last..............

During the half term week, after the girly sleepover, we had a visit booked that had been organised for my son's birthday which was back in March.  He is a huge Harry Potter fan, so we had booked up the HP studio tour in Watford.  This was booked for the Thursday, then we had a Premier Inn booked for that night and had got Tesco vouchers to visit Colchester Zoo on the Friday.

Harry Potter was very very clever - even though I'm not really a fan - I still enjoyed the tour, as did the rest of the family.  My son, of course, loved it and wants to go back again!!  Unfortunately the weather was rubbish on the Friday - wet and windy - so we had to postpone the Zoo.  But I did get to visit somewhere I have wanted to go for a long time.............Tiger and BM Stores. I have read so many blogs where these shops have been raved about and I have been so jealous about the purchases the bloggers have made - but it was my turn!! and I see what they mean!  Especially BM Stores - which is where most of my purchases were made....................

 Thank goodness I don't live around the corner from one!! Mind you I bought all this and didn't spend a lot!!

I also made some other purchases during that week.......

Ok - I know Easter is a long way away, but I couldn't resist when I saw this picture in the sale in TK Maxx for £3!

So we were all kept happy, one way or another, during the half-term week.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Belated birthday celebrations

At the beginning of May it was my daughters 11th birthday.  We had all sorts of celebrations arranged, but unfortunately she came home from school the day before with a full blown cold.  She looked awful and because of the type of celebrations (including a sleepover with 4 girls in one room!) we had to postpone (after some tears!).  So we re-arranged for the jubilee weekend - as I knew they would then have a week to recover!

So 3 girls arrived late afternoon...........with chocolate milkshakes on arrival 

 Next was chocolate mud packs - here is my daughter having hers applied!


 Once the mudpacks were finally washed off (had a few panic moments when they wouldn't shift!), cooling cucumber for the eyes - she will kill me when she sees I have used this piccie!!

Finally some temporary tattoos and nail painting with pretty stickers

All of this was followed by pizza, garlic bread, coleslaw and french fries.
Freshly made pancakes with chocolate sauce, marshmallows and strawberries was offered for pudding...........yum!! But they didnt fancy this!! so had cakes instead.

Then they disappeared back upstairs for karaoke and a disco.  Later they were meant to watch a movie - but they just didnt settle........................until...............yawn!!!
midnight!!!  Then they were awake, shouting and running around at 6.00 in the morning...........thank god we live in a detached house!!
Breakfast was croissants and fresh orange and I counted down until 10.00 and parents came!! 
I missed out telling you about when they thought my laundry basket was a bin and posted the tissues caked in mudpack in there on top of my sons white school shirts and also the bit where one tripped on the stair and threw coke all up the wallpaper - but hey - we have done it now........never to be repeated!  Even my daughter agreed that next time she would just have one friend to stay.  I did notice on a couple of occasions that it all looked a bit much for her - the full on noise and commotion!! 

Glad WE had a week to recover - don't know about the girls!!!!


Thursday, 31 May 2012

A Cloakroom makeover

At long last we have started making improvements to our horrible downstairs cloakroom!!  I have avoided using this room since we moved here, almost 3 years ago!  Even though it is downstairs, I always direct visitors to the upstairs bathroom and cringe if anyone automatically goes in there!!

So now for some horrendous before piccies........

This is the "lovely" polystyrene tiled ceiling!!

Yay - all gone!!

Peach tiles, orange stuck on floor tiles and lots of pipework on show!

A shelf, although useful, made out of a bit of worktop - bet your envious!

 Going, going, gone!!

So first the plasterer came in to make the ceiling nice and smooth and then the bathroom fitter.  He put in a nice new toilet and basin and then fitted tongue and groove to cover the ugly pipework and a timber floor too.

So now I need to get on with the decorating!!  I am going to paint the top a light grey and all the wood in whiteFirst I need to cover all those knots in the wood to stop them going yellow in time.  Anyone know of anything I can paint on the whole board as the knotting stuff I have will take forever to dab on each knot!!


Monday, 28 May 2012

I was lucky enough to be a winner on Prettty Little Jewels 100 followers giveaway!

Even though she was getting married on Saturday (just gone) she still managed to arrange the giveaway and send them off to us a few days before the wedding!!  That's blogging dedication!!

So I know you want to see what I got...............

Some luggage type labels all prettied up with pink shaped buttons and lace.  I need to get some pretty storage boxes for my new cloakroom and am thinking these would be nice to tie to the outsides!!

A tube of posh handcream and a black button ring (I love button items) - sorry the photo isn't very good of that.  All accompanied by a cupcake card. If you dont already follow Pretty Little Jewels - I recommend you go over and have a look at her blog!!

I truly hope that Jewels and her fiance had the wedding day they deserved and that they are enjoying their honeymoon as I type this!!


Saturday, 19 May 2012


At last I am back!! Sorry for my long absence! Unfortunately, we had yet another death - my side of the family this time and after this I just never seemed to get round to blogging (only reading others).  But here I am!!!

So today................

we decided to go to Leeds Castle 

Once you have paid the entrance fee, you can go back as many times as you want over the period of a year.  There are lots of events that are included in the ticket price (and a few that aren't).  The event that was on today was a Home and Garden show

A good variety of stalls

 including yummy foods - which my son and hubby treated themselves to!


There's me and my daughter in the blue cardigans - examining the pretties!


Lots of pretty goodies to drool over............but I was really controlled.  There were lots of things I liked, but nothing that really jumped out at me - so I restrained myself.  We have house projects going on and holidays booked - so only really really nice or necessary stuff can be purchased at the moment!

We had a really nice day though, we wandered round the stalls, had a picnic, enjoyed the sun and then walked some more, round the grounds.  


We are all sitting here chilling out now (with The Voice), all that walking and fresh air has worn us out!  We deliberately did not explore the maze, grounds or actual castle as we are saving that for another day trip in the summer.

Hope you managed to enjoy some long awaited sunshine too!!

Friday, 9 March 2012


Ok just an update, so that I can get on with putting posts on here again!

The sadness we experienced recently was when my husband's grandad passed away.  Although he was almost 91, in some ways this makes it harder because we have had him in our lives for longer!  I had known him for approx 24 years myself!  Also our children, especially our 10 year old daughter really took it hard.  But now we have had the funeral and laid him to rest.

Now that I have updated you, I will start posting again............hopefully this weekend!  I have still been reading all your posts and commenting where I can.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Back soon

Just a few lines to let you know that I will be back real soon to follow up on my sofa blog - but we have a little sadness in our lives at the moment!


Sunday, 15 January 2012

Christmas is over............

I know, I know Christmas was ages ago now!! I always seem to be 20 posts behind the rest of you luvlies!!!  But here are a few of my fav xmas pressies.  I'm only showing you a selection, because I was really spoilt by all my family and so I didn't want to bore you with too many piccies............

2 soft throws and a pink wire memo holder

A wooden tray from Merchant Chandler, a hand-bag sized address book and a mini-hot water bottle (which I am warming my hands on right now!!)

A pretty bird cushion and some Laura Ashley bird table mats and coasters

A lady bird mug - in a nice box!! and a pink nice smelling jelly candle!

 Some soft owl pyjamas and pompom slipper socks

So didn't I do well!!!
Before Christmas I had painted all my furniture and walls white and added in beige and lots of red accessories.  At Christmas I took down all my red bits and put up all my red and white Christmas decs.  But when I took them down again, my red accessories just made me feel sick!! I think it felt as though it was still Christmas - so the red had to be packed up and I now have a white and beige living room!!  It is all very neutral - but I actually really like it.  Its like the calm amongst the storm - in the other rooms!  So I might have to buy some more neutrals as it is looking a bit too bare and then maybe in the winter add my red bits again (which I have moved to the bedroom for now).
I also have made a major change in the living room................the red chesterfields have gone and I now have brown leather settees - which also makes the neutral look more possible!!  Pictures to follow..................

Have a good week