Thursday, 21 June 2012

At long last..............

During the half term week, after the girly sleepover, we had a visit booked that had been organised for my son's birthday which was back in March.  He is a huge Harry Potter fan, so we had booked up the HP studio tour in Watford.  This was booked for the Thursday, then we had a Premier Inn booked for that night and had got Tesco vouchers to visit Colchester Zoo on the Friday.

Harry Potter was very very clever - even though I'm not really a fan - I still enjoyed the tour, as did the rest of the family.  My son, of course, loved it and wants to go back again!!  Unfortunately the weather was rubbish on the Friday - wet and windy - so we had to postpone the Zoo.  But I did get to visit somewhere I have wanted to go for a long time.............Tiger and BM Stores. I have read so many blogs where these shops have been raved about and I have been so jealous about the purchases the bloggers have made - but it was my turn!! and I see what they mean!  Especially BM Stores - which is where most of my purchases were made....................

 Thank goodness I don't live around the corner from one!! Mind you I bought all this and didn't spend a lot!!

I also made some other purchases during that week.......

Ok - I know Easter is a long way away, but I couldn't resist when I saw this picture in the sale in TK Maxx for £3!

So we were all kept happy, one way or another, during the half-term week.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Belated birthday celebrations

At the beginning of May it was my daughters 11th birthday.  We had all sorts of celebrations arranged, but unfortunately she came home from school the day before with a full blown cold.  She looked awful and because of the type of celebrations (including a sleepover with 4 girls in one room!) we had to postpone (after some tears!).  So we re-arranged for the jubilee weekend - as I knew they would then have a week to recover!

So 3 girls arrived late afternoon...........with chocolate milkshakes on arrival 

 Next was chocolate mud packs - here is my daughter having hers applied!


 Once the mudpacks were finally washed off (had a few panic moments when they wouldn't shift!), cooling cucumber for the eyes - she will kill me when she sees I have used this piccie!!

Finally some temporary tattoos and nail painting with pretty stickers

All of this was followed by pizza, garlic bread, coleslaw and french fries.
Freshly made pancakes with chocolate sauce, marshmallows and strawberries was offered for pudding...........yum!! But they didnt fancy this!! so had cakes instead.

Then they disappeared back upstairs for karaoke and a disco.  Later they were meant to watch a movie - but they just didnt settle........................until...............yawn!!!
midnight!!!  Then they were awake, shouting and running around at 6.00 in the morning...........thank god we live in a detached house!!
Breakfast was croissants and fresh orange and I counted down until 10.00 and parents came!! 
I missed out telling you about when they thought my laundry basket was a bin and posted the tissues caked in mudpack in there on top of my sons white school shirts and also the bit where one tripped on the stair and threw coke all up the wallpaper - but hey - we have done it now........never to be repeated!  Even my daughter agreed that next time she would just have one friend to stay.  I did notice on a couple of occasions that it all looked a bit much for her - the full on noise and commotion!! 

Glad WE had a week to recover - don't know about the girls!!!!