Monday, 28 March 2011


I met up with my tutor on Friday and have now officially started my Level 3 diploma in Children and Young People's Workforce!! I have two years to do it but would like to try to finish it sooner than that.  I started my first assignment yesterday..............................OMG - just over 2 hours later and I had only completed 2 sections of it with 5 more to go!! and that is only one of lots and lots of units! But tonight I had another go and I must be getting into the flow of it now, as I have just finished another section and it didnt take me long at all!  I am actually enjoying the studying - so far!!

Now then - back to our hallway makeover.  The walls are painted and I have had a quote from our carpenter for fitting new doors - just need to go in to order the doors now.  After this some woodwork painting will be needed and then I can start adding the pretty bits!!  

My only problem is that we have a small narrow corridor which leads to our family room.  The wallpaper here was awful and totally different to the rest (which I like).  In the end we decided that, as it is quite separate to the main hallway, we would rip off the wallpaper and just paint the walls.  However, the wall underneath was flaky, bumpy and generally in a bad condition.  Between me, my hubby and my dad, we have given it numerous coats of white paint and it isnt looking quite so bad now but still needs something to distract the eye! 

I am thinking of covering the wall with items but all I can think of are vintage type enamel signs.  I do like this idea, as there are lots that I have seen that I like - but just wondering if anyone has any other ideas??!!


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Monday again tomorrow!

The weekend seems to have gone even faster - even though it was only an hour we lost!!

Yesterday before visiting the in-laws we did our usual "on the way" trip to Thurrock, Lakeside.  I could have spent loads in Primark, but restrained myself until the better weather arrives properly - lots of floral items in there.  Also visited Ikea and a few other shops in the actual shopping centre.  I also could have spent lots on household goodies in BHS, they are getting some really nice bits in now!
So for my purchases...........firstly Primark
As I am not allowed to wear open toe shoes at work, I love Primark's ballerina type pumps as they are soft, cheap and always comfortable. So I couldn't believe it when I saw that they were reduced from £4.90 to £2.90!!! I tried to get some in red and in black as well but they didn't have my size left.  Although the silver and pink ones fit lovely, the white are a bit tight, for some reason, so will have to go back.
Some of these photos haven't come out very well, but hopefully you can see that this is that pale peachy pink colour and is delightful!
They had lots of lovely jewellery and I was spoilt for choice! I did point out the charm bracelet and charms they were doing to my hubby and children as an idea for Mothers day - so will have to wait and see!
I have been looking for cheap, but nice, oven gloves for ages - as they just end up getting stained and ruined.  At £2.50 these were ideal.
 A nice heart union jack in pinks, blues and pale green
Now for Ikea.  They have been doing these lamps for years now in silver or white, but this is the first time I have seen these gorgeous colours!! Couldn't resist!
What rubbish photos - apologies!! I was taking them in a hurry this morning before I put all my goodies away.  This is a pink pillar candle with white polka dots - you might be able to see them on the left hand side of the candle.
Lastly, this is a little enamel sign from the Poundshop.

I will allow more time for photo taking next time...........promise!

Hope you all had a good weekend!

Thursday, 24 March 2011


I just wanted to let you all know, that even though I dont have time to blog every day - usually just end up doing it at weekends.......and I don't always comment on others - I just wanted to reassure you that, every evening, I read every one of the blogs that I follow!!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Liebster Blog Awards

I dont know where the time has gone.........sorry for the long gap since my last blog!!

Firstly a long overdue big thank you!! to the lovely who has awarded me a Liebster Blog award.
The rules are that I must link back to the person who gave me the award and then nominate some of the blogs that I love, who have under 300 followers.  So here goes - in no particular order........

Oooh..think I had better stop now - the trouble is there are so many that keep me entertained!!!  So well done and thank you!!

We have been so busy this weekend..........just haven't stopped.  Decorating, spring cleaning, making stuff ready for playgroups next week, gardening etc. etc.

Anyway, hubby was decorating more of the hallway but I decided to get the study ready for starting my childcare diploma next week!  This is a room that leads directly off of the kitchen and then has a wetroom off of it. Although we pass through it every morning from the wetroom (as prefer this to the upstairs bathroom) it doesn't get used much as a room, but I thought it would be a nice, quiet place for me to study and enjoy the garden when I need a break!  So here are the before piccies.......

Although the wallpaper was beige with a pattern, I wanted to make it even more neutral and then add in my usual pink, blue and red accessories.

So I painted over it, put up my new curtains and added in my cushions...

I then put in my little Ikea desk, with a flap side, for working or sewing on.  The people before us had put the original kitchen units down into the shed and greenhouse, so I have saved one of them and started painting it.  It still needs some work but I have put it into this room for storage and to put the printer on.

I have painted the top of this pink too, but you can't tell from this picture.

And finally the view from the doors of the room, for when I need a break and the sun is shining....

One last random you like this little bear that my mum knitted my daughter??  I think it is just missing a little lilac rosebud for its head - which I will get when I think of it....

Have a good week and don't forget to pass on those awards!!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

13th Celebrations

We have had a busy, but lovely, weekend celebrating our son's 13th birthday.  Can't believe I am the mum of a teenager now!!  One good thing though is that I have not noticed a change in his attitude yet and he still got up at his usual 7.00 this morning.......phew!!!  I really couldn't handle a moody teenager who lies in until lunchtime!!

Yesterday he went, with his dad, sister and 6 friends, to a laser shooting place for a few hours.  (I ducked out of this one and stayed at home preparing food!) Then they all came back to ours for activities like table tennis, table football, arcade games and a bit of x-boxing followed by lots of yummy food!
Then today we were at nan and grandads for food and games for the day.
All of this combined with lots of lovely presents have equalled a brilliant birthday for him!...............and a tiring one for us!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Royal Wedding

I have been thinking that I would love to do something to celebrate the Royal Wedding..................well really I thought it would be a great excuse to put up bunting, eat pretty cupcakes and have fun!  It doesn't seem as though there is a street party happening here - so not sure what to do and who with.................

Are you celebrating it????????????

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Deal but in this deal!

I have noticed that Store twentyone is advertising lots of pretties in the house magazines at the moment.  I looked on the store locator and found that there was one in Deal! So I decided, after working 4 days this week, we should have a break from decorating and go for a little trip and get some fresh air too!

But I was so disappointed! It turns out that Store Twentyone and QS are the same.  But if it is only a small store then they only stock clothes and no homewares! Which was the case in Deal. And what they do instead is put the 21 website on their window, so you can buy online.  The website doesn't indicate that only a few stores would have the homeware, so I have just sent a grumpy email to them.  The other thing I want to know is, yes they have a website - but why do they not stock the items they advertise in the mags on there!?!  Bizarre! So I am eagerly awaiting their reply and will keep you updated!

Anyway, managed to make a couple of purchases.............
Some pretty ceramic handles for the understairs cupboard..........although need to try to find some extra extra long screws to go thru the knob and the thick door!

A cupcake which holds the washing up sponge - it can then be turned around to hide it completely.

Here are a couple of random piccies I thought I would share with you too............

I have been looking for a floral across the body bag, which didn't cost the earth, for a while now - but they are quite hard to find.  I found this one in Matalan for £6 during halfterm week.

And finally some garden pics as, after a cold walk around Deal, I needed to remind myself that spring is on the way...........

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


My son is mad about Harry Potter and so has just started his own blog on the subject.  He keeps pestering me to mention this on my blog as he wants some followers of his own.

Therefore..................................if you have a child who is in to Harry Potter and is able to use the internet please direct them to:

Anything for a bit of peace!!!