Sunday, 27 March 2011

Monday again tomorrow!

The weekend seems to have gone even faster - even though it was only an hour we lost!!

Yesterday before visiting the in-laws we did our usual "on the way" trip to Thurrock, Lakeside.  I could have spent loads in Primark, but restrained myself until the better weather arrives properly - lots of floral items in there.  Also visited Ikea and a few other shops in the actual shopping centre.  I also could have spent lots on household goodies in BHS, they are getting some really nice bits in now!
So for my purchases...........firstly Primark
As I am not allowed to wear open toe shoes at work, I love Primark's ballerina type pumps as they are soft, cheap and always comfortable. So I couldn't believe it when I saw that they were reduced from £4.90 to £2.90!!! I tried to get some in red and in black as well but they didn't have my size left.  Although the silver and pink ones fit lovely, the white are a bit tight, for some reason, so will have to go back.
Some of these photos haven't come out very well, but hopefully you can see that this is that pale peachy pink colour and is delightful!
They had lots of lovely jewellery and I was spoilt for choice! I did point out the charm bracelet and charms they were doing to my hubby and children as an idea for Mothers day - so will have to wait and see!
I have been looking for cheap, but nice, oven gloves for ages - as they just end up getting stained and ruined.  At £2.50 these were ideal.
 A nice heart union jack in pinks, blues and pale green
Now for Ikea.  They have been doing these lamps for years now in silver or white, but this is the first time I have seen these gorgeous colours!! Couldn't resist!
What rubbish photos - apologies!! I was taking them in a hurry this morning before I put all my goodies away.  This is a pink pillar candle with white polka dots - you might be able to see them on the left hand side of the candle.
Lastly, this is a little enamel sign from the Poundshop.

I will allow more time for photo taking next time...........promise!

Hope you all had a good weekend!


  1. Ive got to get my bum to ikea just for those lamps - love the colours! I have seen them in the silver before so its fab they now doing them like this! Scarlett x

  2. oo some lovely things.. i love your bracelet and the shoes are so sweet.. im dying to get to primark as i havnt been for ages and just want to add a few spring/summer things to the old wardrobe!

    love love the lanterns from ikea.. the colours are amazing.. i am going to have to get there as they would look fabby in my yard!!

  3. I was in Primark in Cambridge yesterday - didn't get near the ladies clothes - was just stocking up on things for the boys & MrVV. Boys love the mens t-shirts from their with all the great slogans & cartoon pics.

    Those lanterns are lovely - bring on the summer evenings and sitting outside by candlelight :)

  4. Love the colours of the shoes and lanterns from IKEA, I saw these the other day but resisted!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. Hi I,m just checking out everyones blogs now I have time, I love the mug I have a print just like that design and those lanterns would be so cute at the caravanxx