Monday, 28 March 2011


I met up with my tutor on Friday and have now officially started my Level 3 diploma in Children and Young People's Workforce!! I have two years to do it but would like to try to finish it sooner than that.  I started my first assignment yesterday..............................OMG - just over 2 hours later and I had only completed 2 sections of it with 5 more to go!! and that is only one of lots and lots of units! But tonight I had another go and I must be getting into the flow of it now, as I have just finished another section and it didnt take me long at all!  I am actually enjoying the studying - so far!!

Now then - back to our hallway makeover.  The walls are painted and I have had a quote from our carpenter for fitting new doors - just need to go in to order the doors now.  After this some woodwork painting will be needed and then I can start adding the pretty bits!!  

My only problem is that we have a small narrow corridor which leads to our family room.  The wallpaper here was awful and totally different to the rest (which I like).  In the end we decided that, as it is quite separate to the main hallway, we would rip off the wallpaper and just paint the walls.  However, the wall underneath was flaky, bumpy and generally in a bad condition.  Between me, my hubby and my dad, we have given it numerous coats of white paint and it isnt looking quite so bad now but still needs something to distract the eye! 

I am thinking of covering the wall with items but all I can think of are vintage type enamel signs.  I do like this idea, as there are lots that I have seen that I like - but just wondering if anyone has any other ideas??!!



  1. the enamel signs idea is cool.. how about lots of different family pics in different frames as well..
    ive also seen on someone elses blog a line of different shaped mirrors some fancy some plain but they looked really cool next to each other as the wall is plain..
    or you could have a mix of all of the above!!

  2. enamel signs are always awesome :o) Scarlett x

  3. Well done on your course!

    In my old flat I put vintage mirrors on the wall of my narrow, windowless hallway. Helped reflect a bit of light and everyone who visited always commented on it!

    There's a pic here...

    Bibs x

  4. Hello,
    I have just discovered your blog and it is lovely. I think we may have a few things in common so I have signed up as a follower. Perhaps, you could sign up on my blog too as
    Hope to see you there soon!
    X Lucy

  5. Hi hun, i'm going to do a how to post once ive done the second chair so you can have a look at how its done :o) Scarlett x

  6. Lovely ideas from everyone, I have some old mirrors still waiting to go up, I think is a lovely look. Thank you so much for your comment, I think no matter how routine, when it is your own child, the worry is there isnt it. Even his ballooning I was told was pretty routine. I am sure he shall be fine and dandy, is just the build up I guess. Thank you for your special thoughts :0) xxxx

  7. Good luck with the decoupage - i promise it is easy - i only do easy lol. Maybe try it on something small to get you into it. Scarlett x

  8. Hi! Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog!
    I will now have a good look through yours...x
    Love Kirsty xoxo