Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A day off!!

Firstly a little peep at the main Mothers day present I received......
I have now sorted out my work hours so that I have every Wednesday off.  And I couldnt have started with a better Wednesday!! However, I didn't see much of the sun! I went into town to the library and around a few charity shops.  I bought a couple of easter bits........

and then on my return, did the upstairs housework, had lunch, downstairs housework, painted the staircase woodwork and finally had 10 minutes in the garden before it was school run time!!  Oh well, at least the house looks nice again now!!

While doing the housework I realised that I hadn't shown you around our bedroom or my son's!!

So here is ours............

I eventually want to collect lots of hearts for that wall

I still need to get bits and bobs for mantlepieces and shelves etc. Because we have been doing one room after another I am just searching for that particular room each time.

Now, my son is very modern and minimalistic and also has a tiny bedroom - so couldnt show you much of it!!
So I think you have seen the living room, kitchen/diner, study, 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, family room and hallway(in progress). So not much left now - porch, toilet, wetroom - which all need doing up and the gardens................and then I think you have had a full tour!!

Fingers crossed for more sun tomorrow!


  1. I like your wardrobes and bedspread and the mirror!

  2. I have to agree with the first comment, that bedspread is lovely. The rooms so prettyxx

  3. Love looking arounf your home - the view of green fields is fabulous - a real treat, mine looks out on houses across the way! The bracelet is such a lovely pressi too :o) Scarlett p.s I have my home mags on the go by the bed too :o) x

  4. What a lovely charm bracelet! I love the colours you have chosen for your bedroom,and that mirror is gorgeous. Do show when you have the wall decorated with hearts. :0)

  5. You asked about What to do in Suffolk. For seaside/shopping I'd recommend Southwold. Aldeburgh is nice to but the beach is pebbly but you can get the best Fish & Chips there.

    For big shops Ipswich is good and so is Bury St Edmunds - which is also very pretty especially the Abbey Gardens.

    If you want anymore info let me know.

    Vicki xx

  6. I love the wardrobe and chests of drawers! Are they vintage or new! Your house looks lovely. I would love to decorate like that, but my flat just gets full of clutter :( x