Sunday, 31 July 2011

Another good week

So, hubby was still off from work this week.  However, we lost a few days because he had the first of his interviews for 2 internal jobs he had applied for.  So that took up one day plus he lost two days preparing tests and presentations for the interview!! Still it will all be worth it if he gets one of the jobs, although it looks as though he may have to wait 2 weeks before finding out if he has been successful or not - this just drags on and on!

Anyway, one of the other days -son had some sickness bug so we had to stay in but finally on Thursday we managed to escape for a day out.  Unfortunately, I didnt take any photos! Sorry, a boring post without piccies I know!  But we did a trip to London and, after having lunch at Pizza Hut, went to the science museum.  We haven't been here for years and I don't know why but it just wasn't as good as we had remembered!  It was ok and we spent a couple of hours there but then decided to move on.  We chose the Imperial War museum, which we had never been to, but as daughter is doing World War 2 when she goes back to school -thought this would be a good idea.  It was brilliant!  We all enjoyed it for different reasons.........the boys for the weapons and tanks, daughter for her project and because she loves fashion and me for the interior houses and fashions! 

So yesterday, when I saw a 1940's weekend advertised locally in Ramsgate, we decided to go.  Thoroughly enjoyed this too and quite a few people were dressed up - infact son said he felt silly not being dressed up!  Plus, loved the music, set ups of shops, tanks and stalls - So now, I want to find some more of these to go to - so if anybody knows of any, please let me know!!

Ah I forgot, yesterday morning I went bootsaling and bought...
a lovely wicker hamper, for storing all sorts! at £1.50.  And from the same lovely couple

A South African musical xylophone type wooden instrument. My son bought himself some wooden bongo drums a few years ago and since then we have added to this and made a collection - so for £1 he was really chuffed with my purchase!

Also, whilst in Ramsgate I visited good ole Wilkinson and bought some t-towels....

And finally today, we had a stall at a bootsale and made £90 from our junk!  Phew, you can rest your eyes now!

Friday, 29 July 2011


The day after the concert we drove to Somerset, where we stayed in a pretty converted barn.

From here we visited the local villages, Street and the Clarks Village, Bath
and The Cheddar Gorge

After 4 nights in the cottage, we went on to a Holiday Inn in Exeter for 2 nights and from here went to Torquay, Brixham

and lastly Paignton for some typically seaside activities like dodgems, mini golf and donkey rides!

Although the weather wasnt great, it mainly rained first thing in the morning and late afternoon, so usually when we were travelling to and from a destination.  It was great to get away from everything and have a family break together.  The only downside was that we got fed up of eating out everyday! Yes, that is possible!

I didn't buy many pretties, because of not knowing about hubbys job but Cargo Home store had a sale so I got....

A pink spotty wooden heart (which I forgot to photo) and these...
I thought this cream, enamel heart welcome sign will look good on the front door, once I finally get round to painting it a chalky blue

This flowery blue candle looks pretty on the mantle in our bedroom

A pink heart welcome sign to go in a flowerpot by the front door.

These purchases remind me that I must get on with some more painting!!!

Monday, 25 July 2011

It all started in a castle!

We had a lovely week last week and it all started in a castle.  We went to the "live at the castle" event last Sunday which was 6 hours of entertainment held at Leeds Castle. We saw some up and coming bands first.  Then there was Stacey Solomon, Alexandra Burke, The Wanted, Aggro Santos, Eliza Doolittle, Twist and Pulse - it was brilliant and we were lucky enough to be right in front of the stage! Here are a few piccies...........

Daughter and me, waiting for the rain to stop and the music to start!

And now for some entertainment...........

It was the children's first concert and they loved it, although they had to put their fingers in their ears a few times as the music was so loud!
It was a very late night especially as the next day we were going away on holiday! - but more of that on my next post.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Makes and buys

So here I am again.  Hubby is feeling better now and we have got through the funeral!  Only the job situation to go - applications must be in by the end of this week and if he gets through to interview stage that will be at the end of next week - so fingers crossed!!!

Thank you all so much for your kind words - it means a lot to know that you are all thinking of us!

So an update on what I have been up to.............well firstly, I have been trying to make my living room feel more summery.  Before I had some brown flowery curtains up that didnt really go with anything, but I have now decided to have a beige and red theme in there.  I bought some Ikea plain, extra long tab curtains, and adapted them to fit onto a pole - you can just see them here

I also made the flowery cushion from some pillowcase/duvet fabric
 and bought this red lamp in the Dunelm mill sale
So now I feel like I am actually getting there, now that I am going with the red theme, instead of trying to fight against it (remember me telling you about my red chesterfield sofa in a previous blog?!)

 This is a new oilcloth - again from my fave.......Dunelm Mill

This weekend I was very good and when I woke up naturally at 6.30 in the morning - I actually got up and got myself to the bootsale.  So I was there when people were still unpacking their cars!!  So what bargains did I find??!!  Well...........

Firstly some picture frames (which I forgot to photograph) in various sizes and colours which were all 10p each - so I got 8 of those!

This cream metal lace effect picture frame for £1

A small venetian type mirror with engraved hearts (50p)- which is now hung with my wall of venetian mirrors in my living room

 A £1 silver embossed mirror - now hanging in my hallway - I really have a thing about mirrors!!

Some pretty bunting for £4 - which I know I could have made myself but for that price is it really worth the time and effort?!  Not sure where I am going to hang this yet - maybe in the hall as although I like the neutral colours there, I am getting a bit jittery about the lack of colour!! lol!

 A pretty pot with my fave - roses!  This is on my dresser in my kitchen but is awaiting a pretty plant. Oh nearly forgot to tell you that it was only 50p!

And this gorgeous item for £2.  Not sure what to use it for yet - especially as I discovered it has lots of small holes which I think may be woodworm?!  I have some stuff I am going to treat it with, but going to try it on the bottom first incase it colours it or covers the detail?!  Help anyone??  At the moment it is on my METAL table in the garden with pillar candles in.

So didnt I do well?!!