Sunday, 31 July 2011

Another good week

So, hubby was still off from work this week.  However, we lost a few days because he had the first of his interviews for 2 internal jobs he had applied for.  So that took up one day plus he lost two days preparing tests and presentations for the interview!! Still it will all be worth it if he gets one of the jobs, although it looks as though he may have to wait 2 weeks before finding out if he has been successful or not - this just drags on and on!

Anyway, one of the other days -son had some sickness bug so we had to stay in but finally on Thursday we managed to escape for a day out.  Unfortunately, I didnt take any photos! Sorry, a boring post without piccies I know!  But we did a trip to London and, after having lunch at Pizza Hut, went to the science museum.  We haven't been here for years and I don't know why but it just wasn't as good as we had remembered!  It was ok and we spent a couple of hours there but then decided to move on.  We chose the Imperial War museum, which we had never been to, but as daughter is doing World War 2 when she goes back to school -thought this would be a good idea.  It was brilliant!  We all enjoyed it for different reasons.........the boys for the weapons and tanks, daughter for her project and because she loves fashion and me for the interior houses and fashions! 

So yesterday, when I saw a 1940's weekend advertised locally in Ramsgate, we decided to go.  Thoroughly enjoyed this too and quite a few people were dressed up - infact son said he felt silly not being dressed up!  Plus, loved the music, set ups of shops, tanks and stalls - So now, I want to find some more of these to go to - so if anybody knows of any, please let me know!!

Ah I forgot, yesterday morning I went bootsaling and bought...
a lovely wicker hamper, for storing all sorts! at £1.50.  And from the same lovely couple

A South African musical xylophone type wooden instrument. My son bought himself some wooden bongo drums a few years ago and since then we have added to this and made a collection - so for £1 he was really chuffed with my purchase!

Also, whilst in Ramsgate I visited good ole Wilkinson and bought some t-towels....

And finally today, we had a stall at a bootsale and made £90 from our junk!  Phew, you can rest your eyes now!


  1. Good luck for hubby getting the job. Love the hamper, im a sucker for wicker :o) Scarlett x

  2. oo hope your hubby gets to hear soon about the job..
    loving your tea towels thinking im going to have nip along to our local one!!.. ( honestly i bet there is so much stuff in our homes that we could play snap with!!)


  3. Saw those cupcake tea towels in a shop today....made into a cushion! That was a good result at the CB.I did one a few weeks ago and only made £20.The lady on the next stall said my stuff was too nice for a car boot!
    Good luck on the job front. :0)

  4. Awe what a shame you didn't like the science museum. I think I had the same feeling last time I went! I loved the imperial war museum too, but would like to go back again! I love your vintage hamper - very handy & a bargain! x

  5. My daughter visited the War museum last week and loved it, she also bought me some lovely things I keep meaning to blog about. Good luck with Hubbys job xx

  6. Lovely bootsale goodies! Well done you!
    Sorry to hear you didn't manage to go to the Southbank, it was lovely, although i am sure they will run something next year too. I wasn't sure about the whole ticket thing, but took a chance on some of it being open to the public. xx

  7. Great buys, love the basket! cute tea-towels aswell, good old Wilkos ;)

    Try my giveaway link on the sidebar of my blog again, have fixed it now :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!