Monday, 11 July 2011

Makes and buys

So here I am again.  Hubby is feeling better now and we have got through the funeral!  Only the job situation to go - applications must be in by the end of this week and if he gets through to interview stage that will be at the end of next week - so fingers crossed!!!

Thank you all so much for your kind words - it means a lot to know that you are all thinking of us!

So an update on what I have been up to.............well firstly, I have been trying to make my living room feel more summery.  Before I had some brown flowery curtains up that didnt really go with anything, but I have now decided to have a beige and red theme in there.  I bought some Ikea plain, extra long tab curtains, and adapted them to fit onto a pole - you can just see them here

I also made the flowery cushion from some pillowcase/duvet fabric
 and bought this red lamp in the Dunelm mill sale
So now I feel like I am actually getting there, now that I am going with the red theme, instead of trying to fight against it (remember me telling you about my red chesterfield sofa in a previous blog?!)

 This is a new oilcloth - again from my fave.......Dunelm Mill

This weekend I was very good and when I woke up naturally at 6.30 in the morning - I actually got up and got myself to the bootsale.  So I was there when people were still unpacking their cars!!  So what bargains did I find??!!  Well...........

Firstly some picture frames (which I forgot to photograph) in various sizes and colours which were all 10p each - so I got 8 of those!

This cream metal lace effect picture frame for £1

A small venetian type mirror with engraved hearts (50p)- which is now hung with my wall of venetian mirrors in my living room

 A £1 silver embossed mirror - now hanging in my hallway - I really have a thing about mirrors!!

Some pretty bunting for £4 - which I know I could have made myself but for that price is it really worth the time and effort?!  Not sure where I am going to hang this yet - maybe in the hall as although I like the neutral colours there, I am getting a bit jittery about the lack of colour!! lol!

 A pretty pot with my fave - roses!  This is on my dresser in my kitchen but is awaiting a pretty plant. Oh nearly forgot to tell you that it was only 50p!

And this gorgeous item for £2.  Not sure what to use it for yet - especially as I discovered it has lots of small holes which I think may be woodworm?!  I have some stuff I am going to treat it with, but going to try it on the bottom first incase it colours it or covers the detail?!  Help anyone??  At the moment it is on my METAL table in the garden with pillar candles in.

So didnt I do well?!!



  1. ooooh loving your bootsale finds, plus i really need to find a dunelm mill as seen lots of lovely items mentioned in blogs from there. Scarlett x

  2. I,m so pleased things are better for you and I hope it works out with hubbys job. I love the wooden trough, maybe you could put individual herb pots inxxx

  3. Yes,you did! Some lovely bargains you found there.Hope your hubby gets to the interview stage,and gets offered a job soon. :0)

  4. Im glad things are looking up for you. I love the red and cream combination and have it in most rooms! I also have that 'home sweet home' picture! Love the wooden box you found.

  5. you have got some lovely things.. well done!!... i think a sofa is a big investment so sometimes you do just have to work with what you have.. so changing your soft furninshings is a really good that cushion fabric very pretty!

    got to get the hubby to take me to dunelm this week not been for ages and am obviously missing out!!!..
    that wooden trough is gorgeous.. are you going to use it outside.. or maybe put it up on the wall and put little mementos in it..


  6. Well done on your fab finds, and your makes are lovely too, especially the cushion. Thanks for the comment about my bunting, I used the sewing machine and it worked absolutely fine just with a normal needle. I imagine if you wanted to make something a bit more adventurous it might be a problem with the oilcloth, but just a straight line was fine!

  7. This cream metal lace effect picture frame is such a very much beautiful. I also do same work on Christmas cards. It is very beautiful combination of red and cream colour.
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