Saturday, 25 June 2011

Things can only get better..............surely?!!!

Well, where do I start!?

Hubbys job is def going to be put at risk in a couple of weeks time and then if there are any new jobs at his grade that he can apply for, he will have to go thru the whole interview process!

This last couple of weeks he has been to the doctors 4 times, emergency dentist and A&E!!! He has been told he has fluid in his ear, an abcess under his crown and then, a couple of days ago, a throat infection too!  He is rattling around with tablets which have totally knocked him out!  So he has had to have time off sick from work for the first time in 4 years - and obviously this is not the best time for him to be off!

We were going to book a weeks holiday in Devon/Somerset.  But once we had finally chosen a cottage that looked suitable - I went to book it and our dates had just been booked by someone else.  Then that evening was when we ended up in A&E, so I think that was fate!  We are now waiting until his health is back to normal before booking anything...............he is getting there now!

Then just to top it all.  On his first day back at work (Thursday), we got a call from his half-brother to say that their dad had suddenly passed away!!!!!

So, as my title says...............surely things can only get better?????!


  1. I'm so sorry things are so tough at the moment. I went through a similar thing on the job front earlier this year and it is stressful, but things will sort themselves out! I know it's hard to preach but the more you worry about it the worse it feels! I hope he feels better soon! So sorry for you all xxx

  2. so sorry to hear all the things that you are going through at the minute.. your poor hubby.. probs the stress of the job situation isnt helping that leads to illness.. its like a vicious circle isnt it..
    im sure things will start looking up soon.. i was made redundant last summer and i never thought we'd manage.. but we have..but thats not happend to your hubby yet so keep positive!!


  3. I,m sorry your feeling like this, hopefully it all coming at once and then its out of the way. I felt similar to yourself a few weeks ago, nothing was going right. Things will pick up for you, I have my fingers crossed for your hubbys jobxx

  4. I hope things look up for you soon and best of luck with your husbands job - you are surely due some good luck.

  5. So sorry,your poor hubby,how rotten for him,it seems so unfair when these things happen one after the other.Hope he gets better soon and good luck on the job front. :0)

  6. I have nominated you for an award on my blog - please take a look! xx

  7. Sorry to hear about all the problems your having lately. Hoping things take a turn for the better xx have a fab weekend xx

  8. Sorry to hear you've all been having a tough time - your poor hubby. I think you're right though, things can only improve x