Sunday, 14 August 2011

No-reply blogger

I have had a few comments informing me that I am a no-reply blogger, and that it is annoying for those that want to send me messages!!  I'm afraid that i didn't really know what you were talking about............but after a little research and help from my 10 year old daughter!!!! I now have my email address attached to my profile!!! Hope this helps now!
Be back soon with a proper post!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Pink, Blue, Cream...........????

A couple of days ago I visited our local garden furniture warehouse, as a friend had advised they had a summer sale on.  

While in there I found a BBQ that was reduced from around £200 to £60 so we got one of those. Also they had a tea trolley which was down from around £180 to £40.  I don't actually want it as a tea trolley but as a.................

kitchen island!!

Here it is with some of my bits on........but it needs painting!  Now do I paint it cream, to match my units and dresser, or blue - the same as my shelves and plate rack or pink like my bits and pieces and gingham curtains??????  I am thinking that the pink may mean that the bits that are on it wont show up............but I need your help! What do you think?

Monday, 8 August 2011

Good news at last!

Just a quick blog to share my good news!  

My hubby went for two internal jobs that were advertised, got interviews for both and we have finally had confirmation that he has got the one he really wanted!! So he wont be made redundant at the end of this month now!  

I couldnt really believe it when he told me - because it has been going on for so long now!  It is just such a relief and we can start living again instead of putting our life on hold.  I feel so sorry for those that are still going through the process and those that will end up with nothing because cutbacks must be made!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

A'hunting I will go

Hunting for bargains that is!

Today I went to the local shopping centre and yes I found some bargains!

We have a lovely BHS Home shop and I was lucky enough to be emailed a 25% off voucher from them.  So I went there looking for bath sheets for us girls - I bought the boys new ones a couple of months ago but couldnt find "pretty" ones for us.  

I got these for my daughter, in her favourite colour
as they were a new range in they hadnt been reduced but I still got 25% off of the £15.  And these for me...........

These were reduced from £18 to £5.60 and then I got 25% off of that!!!! Bargain of the day!

And also some hand towels...........
Thought these would brighten up our downstairs toilet that is waiting to be decorated and even better as they were only £2.10 minus 25%.

This is for my bathroom and was a bit dearer at £5.60 to start with, but was also prettier
This little bag will be great for make-up bits in my bedroom and was down from £8 to £2.40
I got some reading material...............
a free Laura Ashley catalogue, via a postcard they sent to me

The latest Next catalogue for £2

And the much blogged about "Mollie makes" mag.  I have never bought it before, although I was tempted, as I could not justify paying the £4.99.  However, in the August free Asda magazine there is a voucher for £1 off of any magazine that is priced at £3 or over - so I treated myself!

 These tops were reduced to £3 in Peacocks and £2 in Matalan - ideal for lazing around in the sun

This was reduced from £18 to £7 from Matalan - my very first maxi dress - thought this would be nice with a little red cardi

And finally.............
I wanted 2 fold up camping type chairs to use when doing bootsales, when sitting on the stoney beach and for generally relaxing in the garden.  I found some on the B&Q website reduced to £5 but they only showed a plain dark colour. I reserved them and they phoned to ask what colours I wanted and of course, when flowers were mentioned I didn't even listen to the other options.  I was delighted when I actually saw them - very me..........sorry hubby!!! 

So after all that shopping I need to go to bed now...........goodnight!