Thursday, 11 August 2011

Pink, Blue, Cream...........????

A couple of days ago I visited our local garden furniture warehouse, as a friend had advised they had a summer sale on.  

While in there I found a BBQ that was reduced from around £200 to £60 so we got one of those. Also they had a tea trolley which was down from around £180 to £40.  I don't actually want it as a tea trolley but as a.................

kitchen island!!

Here it is with some of my bits on........but it needs painting!  Now do I paint it cream, to match my units and dresser, or blue - the same as my shelves and plate rack or pink like my bits and pieces and gingham curtains??????  I am thinking that the pink may mean that the bits that are on it wont show up............but I need your help! What do you think?


  1. Good idea! Maybe blue? Even green could be good. A contrasting colour can be nice. It will look gorgeous. x

  2. I painted my island in duck egg blue and everyone always comments on how good it looks as a contrast to my cream units, plus my pink tea towels look cute against it. So my vote goes to blue! x

  3. yes i would go for blue..leaving the top pale wood.. it would bring out the pinks of your accessories ..i think if you are going to paint it it would be best to do it in a contrasting colour to your cupboards as if you try to match them up it could look a bit off know like when you wear a black top with a black skirt but its two different blacks and it looks a bit funny....erm i'll shut up now!!


  4. Blue, but I am biased cos its my favourite colour. You got yourself a bargain there xx

  5. Such a great idea, im also loving the comments re painting it duck egg blue - that would look fabulous :o) Scarlett x

  6. Ooh! i would paint it blue, it will look great with your cream units :) can't wait to see what colour you decide to use!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  7. Blue or cream! Pink would blend in too much! But anything would look fantastic! I would love one! x

  8. Hey - thanks for your comment! Did you know you're a no reply blogger?

    Here is the link for the youtube tutorial -

    I found it really useful - you need to watch lesson 2, 3 and 4 to make a whole square!

    Could I have the link for the flower? I would love to make one! x

  9. Thank you! I would really love to make a flower!

    A no reply blogger is where you're email address doesn't show up, so I can't directly reply to your comments, I have to come on here to leave one - cocorose explains it all here -

    And if you change it it's much easier for people to directly reply to your comments! You don't get any spam or anything either!

    Jewel x

  10. I think blue would be so pretty .its a great find
    xx fee

  11. Hiya,
    Thanks for the comment, the teatowels are both from Robert Dyas £2.99!
    I was also going to say, like Jewel, that it would be fab if you added an email so I can reply directly, I think its nicer. The no-reply blogger thing is really annoying! xx

  12. OOh I think blue too... What a lovely looking kitchen you have! I think I am going to enjoy reading your blog :)

    Louise xx