Saturday, 25 June 2011

Things can only get better..............surely?!!!

Well, where do I start!?

Hubbys job is def going to be put at risk in a couple of weeks time and then if there are any new jobs at his grade that he can apply for, he will have to go thru the whole interview process!

This last couple of weeks he has been to the doctors 4 times, emergency dentist and A&E!!! He has been told he has fluid in his ear, an abcess under his crown and then, a couple of days ago, a throat infection too!  He is rattling around with tablets which have totally knocked him out!  So he has had to have time off sick from work for the first time in 4 years - and obviously this is not the best time for him to be off!

We were going to book a weeks holiday in Devon/Somerset.  But once we had finally chosen a cottage that looked suitable - I went to book it and our dates had just been booked by someone else.  Then that evening was when we ended up in A&E, so I think that was fate!  We are now waiting until his health is back to normal before booking anything...............he is getting there now!

Then just to top it all.  On his first day back at work (Thursday), we got a call from his half-brother to say that their dad had suddenly passed away!!!!!

So, as my title says...............surely things can only get better?????!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Back at last!!

Sorry I haven't been on here since beginning of May (other than to read all of your lovely blogs)!!  So this is going to be a bitty blog to update you. 

So what have I been up to??  Well, lots of working and studying before halfterm and then............................  Last weekend we went to Hertfordshire for the day to visit the inlaws, Monday - Eastbourne for the day, Tuesday - new carpet fitted in the morning and cinema in the afternoon (boys-Pirates of the Caribbean/girls-Wimpy Kid 2), Wednesday - London doing touristy things, Thursday-children went to their friends houses for the day, Friday-out for a meal with my parents for my mum's birthday, Yesterday-Canterbury, Today.........................resting!!!! Phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also last weekend I went to a boot sale, but only made a couple of purchases.........
A china mosaic photo frame - now in my dining area (another one to find a picture for!)
I bought this noticeboard for our family room, but think that it looks really good in the kitchen.  I also bought a large Laura Ashley cup with spots and flowers - to put a plant in, but forgot to photograph it.

So now for some updated hallway pictures..........
Our new carpet - so nice and soft! And our newly painted white walls (over the wallpaper)

Below - the new understairs cupboard all nice and painted

I had a stand with a desk top that sat on top of it, but it was too deep for the hall.  So I found some wood in the garage and got my dad to make a new narrow top for the stand and voila!!  Not sure if these are the bits & pieces that are going to stay on there.
Need some lavendar for my trough now, as well as some piccies for the walls and other bits. I got a mirror today though..............
I had seen this yesterday in TKMaxx, didn't get it and then regretted it!  Made sure I got there before it opened this morning so that I was first through the door and luckily they still had it!

I will show you some better pictures once it has all been put together properly!

Back to work/school tomorrow - oh well!