Wednesday, 27 April 2011

An easter bunny

My daughter is going into 2 digits next week.  Cant believe she is going to be 10!!

She has always wanted a pet she could cuddle - we have only ever had goldfish!  So when a friend asked if she would like to hamster-sit for a week, we decided it would be a good opportunity to see if she was actually interested enough to get involved properly.

Anyway, I am glad that we did!  Yes, she was really committed but whenever she went to play with the was asleep!  So we decided, yes she could have a pet but that we would have a rabbit instead.  When I was young I had 3 rabbits and then around 11 at one point when 2 of them had babies! So I know a bit more about rabbits than hamsters!

Anyway, we bought a hutch from e-bay and just went to LOOK at the rabbits.  We werent going to buy as it was just before we went on our short break to Suffolk and it wasn't her birthday yet. But of course she fell in love with one of them, then on our return the shop had sold out of rabbits totally!
So now that we were in the mode of buying, we called in at another petshop and they had some lion head rabbits that were 6 weeks old and that dont grow to much bigger than a dwarf rabbit (which is what we wanted)

So meet Cocoa.............

Chocolate is my daughters favourite food, we got her just before Easter and she is a brown colour - so Cocoa seemed an ideal name!
She is just a lovely ball of fluff! She likes being handled - which is good but is also really inquisitive and loves to zoom around, 100 miles an hour when we let her out!  The only thing is - she also likes to nibble our shoes and my jeans for some reason!


  1. Awe she is cutest thing! I wish I had space for a rabbit! We have a cat but live in a flat (I didn't mean that to rhyme) so can't let her out and I hate that! Hopefully when we have a nice big house we'll get a rabbit!

    Jewel x

  2. She is gorgeous I want one! I will get you some pics tomorrow promise xx

  3. What a cute pet, and Happy Birthday to your daughter, I bet that is strange double digits I cannot remember when that happened my daughter is now 32! oxox, Diane

  4. I got my first rabbit for my 9th birthday, they're perfect pets.

  5. Stratford is lovely! You could easily do two days there (maybe even three if you want to see all the five houses, plus have some fun on the river and take it all easy!) Warwick isn't far - with the castle, but I've never been! Also Oxford? x

  6. Thank you! Oh Portsmouth is fantastic! I went to uni there! There are lots of great shops - especially in Albert Road and Palmerston Road if you want crafts, antiques and funky shops! Lovely to walk along the beach and sit on the common with a BBQ and an ice cream! Plus lots of big shops in Gunwharf Quays and lots of history to explore including the Mary Rose & The Victory in the historic dockyard!

    Look at me I should be a tour guide lol! x

  7. Aah,cocoa is soooo sweeet! Rabbits are more fun than hamsters,who seem to sleep all day and wake up at night! Hope your daughte had a super birthday. :0)

  8. Oh she is so sweet, rabbits are great first pets for children as they are quite hardy to occasional rough handling and of course the more they handle them the better for both child and rabbit. I hope your daughter has lots of fun and I'm sure she and Cocoa will be the best of friends.

  9. Awe that's great! If you need any more recommendations let me know! I know it pretty well now! There's a cute little tea shop on osborne road that you might like called 'like a teatray in the sky'. And you should definatly get a mr.whippy have a walk along the common and see the southsea pier, d-day memorial & museum, southsea castle (its very little) and the aquarium (which has the sweetest little otters).

    Have a fantastic time! xxx

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