Saturday, 5 March 2011

Deal but in this deal!

I have noticed that Store twentyone is advertising lots of pretties in the house magazines at the moment.  I looked on the store locator and found that there was one in Deal! So I decided, after working 4 days this week, we should have a break from decorating and go for a little trip and get some fresh air too!

But I was so disappointed! It turns out that Store Twentyone and QS are the same.  But if it is only a small store then they only stock clothes and no homewares! Which was the case in Deal. And what they do instead is put the 21 website on their window, so you can buy online.  The website doesn't indicate that only a few stores would have the homeware, so I have just sent a grumpy email to them.  The other thing I want to know is, yes they have a website - but why do they not stock the items they advertise in the mags on there!?!  Bizarre! So I am eagerly awaiting their reply and will keep you updated!

Anyway, managed to make a couple of purchases.............
Some pretty ceramic handles for the understairs cupboard..........although need to try to find some extra extra long screws to go thru the knob and the thick door!

A cupcake which holds the washing up sponge - it can then be turned around to hide it completely.

Here are a couple of random piccies I thought I would share with you too............

I have been looking for a floral across the body bag, which didn't cost the earth, for a while now - but they are quite hard to find.  I found this one in Matalan for £6 during halfterm week.

And finally some garden pics as, after a cold walk around Deal, I needed to remind myself that spring is on the way...........

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. oh i wondered what store twentyone was - ive seen it recently in a home mag, i wouldnt have had a clue it was QS! We have a QS in my town that does have a few home bits but not much. Let us know what response you get, it is annoying they dont do the advertised stuff online. Happy weekend Scarlett x

  2. Oh...I know Deal....I've been to some great antique fairs and a few good charity shops there.

  3. i dont know this store twentyone... will have to find out if its near to me??!!...
    your garden looks very pretty..the daffs are very cheerful!
    hope you have a good weekend

  4. Your garden looks great. I have knobs like that and had the same trouble. Husband drilled the hole bigger on the inside of the door and then used a washer before the screw.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!