Sunday, 15 January 2012

Christmas is over............

I know, I know Christmas was ages ago now!! I always seem to be 20 posts behind the rest of you luvlies!!!  But here are a few of my fav xmas pressies.  I'm only showing you a selection, because I was really spoilt by all my family and so I didn't want to bore you with too many piccies............

2 soft throws and a pink wire memo holder

A wooden tray from Merchant Chandler, a hand-bag sized address book and a mini-hot water bottle (which I am warming my hands on right now!!)

A pretty bird cushion and some Laura Ashley bird table mats and coasters

A lady bird mug - in a nice box!! and a pink nice smelling jelly candle!

 Some soft owl pyjamas and pompom slipper socks

So didn't I do well!!!
Before Christmas I had painted all my furniture and walls white and added in beige and lots of red accessories.  At Christmas I took down all my red bits and put up all my red and white Christmas decs.  But when I took them down again, my red accessories just made me feel sick!! I think it felt as though it was still Christmas - so the red had to be packed up and I now have a white and beige living room!!  It is all very neutral - but I actually really like it.  Its like the calm amongst the storm - in the other rooms!  So I might have to buy some more neutrals as it is looking a bit too bare and then maybe in the winter add my red bits again (which I have moved to the bedroom for now).
I also have made a major change in the living room................the red chesterfields have gone and I now have brown leather settees - which also makes the neutral look more possible!!  Pictures to follow..................

Have a good week


  1. I just love the ladybird mug, it's super nice!

    Great gifts!


  2. Hi, just found your blog, before I go and have a good look around I wanted to say you got some gorgeous things, I love the ladybird mug, it brings back memories. Tina x

    1. Ahhhh, thank you! I know, I love the ladybird items for that very reason - bring back my childhood when I was learning to read!!
      Please have a look around and at some of my older posts and I hope you like what you see!!

    2. Thanks very much for taking the time to comment on my blog,it's so nice to feel that you're not talking to yourself! I'm a few years older than you but I remember the books from learning to read as well as Peter and Jane.

  3. What lovely gifts! You did do really well! I love the throws in particular! xx