Thursday, 31 May 2012

A Cloakroom makeover

At long last we have started making improvements to our horrible downstairs cloakroom!!  I have avoided using this room since we moved here, almost 3 years ago!  Even though it is downstairs, I always direct visitors to the upstairs bathroom and cringe if anyone automatically goes in there!!

So now for some horrendous before piccies........

This is the "lovely" polystyrene tiled ceiling!!

Yay - all gone!!

Peach tiles, orange stuck on floor tiles and lots of pipework on show!

A shelf, although useful, made out of a bit of worktop - bet your envious!

 Going, going, gone!!

So first the plasterer came in to make the ceiling nice and smooth and then the bathroom fitter.  He put in a nice new toilet and basin and then fitted tongue and groove to cover the ugly pipework and a timber floor too.

So now I need to get on with the decorating!!  I am going to paint the top a light grey and all the wood in whiteFirst I need to cover all those knots in the wood to stop them going yellow in time.  Anyone know of anything I can paint on the whole board as the knotting stuff I have will take forever to dab on each knot!!



  1. looks much nicer already! x

  2. It's going to be great...looking forward to the Ta-dah moment!
    Have a wonderful jubilee weekend! :0)

  3. Can't wait to see it all finished, your plans sound lovely!!


  4. You can get white shellac knotting. But if you are not to worried use a good quality undercoat and you may need to do two coats before your final chosen colour (white in your case).

    I would still go down the Shellac route but use a small gloss roller and that will speed up the process.

  5. Great makeover! I'm lazy and never bother with all that knot gubbins. :-) I don't really paint things white that often though.

  6. I have the same "beautiful" polystyrene ceiling in my bedroom! Good luck with the decorating part... It's the best!