Thursday, 6 January 2011


Sorry to those of you waiting to see my before and after house pictures.
I am struggling to get back into the school/work routine and get up early again.
Yesterday I felt so dizzy and hot all day that I didn't get much done at all and today I have been working and running backwards and forwards in the pouring rain.
I wanted to start with a picture of the outside of our house, although we havent done much to that, but just to give you an idea before stepping inside!  But the rain has put a stop to that!

I will get onto the case soon, I promise!


  1. There seem to be a lot of bugs around at the moment, I seem to have done nothing but sleep for weeks on end (and I've just woken again after a 2 hour doze on the sofa!). Hope you're feeling better soon! x

  2. oo hope you're feelin better soon love..

  3. Hello - thanks for your comment. Snap I was 7 for the Jubilee. I remember the parties and the lovely red/white/blue clothes I wore all that summer!!