Thursday, 20 January 2011

Living Room Makeover

First of all just to link up with one of my previous are my new dining area curtains

They were from Laura Ashley and reduced from £70 to £31.60! What a bargain.  Shame my husband didnt agree! It wasn't the price for him but the colour! More pink! He was liking them even less when he saw them drawn at night - as they give off a pink glow making all the room look pink! 

Now to my living room!
On the day we moved in, before the removal men could put any furniture down, we ripped up the living room carpet.  In my opinion, it was well past its use by date.  So here it is after that..........

As you can see the wallpaper was painted two tones, with a flowery border round the middle and top. It had an inefficient back boiler, lovely orange pine surround and just felt dirty.

Because my husband's workplace is making big cutbacks this year we are not sure if he will have a job in a couple of months time. So after re-plastering upstair's ceilings and walls and doing all the rooms up there properly.  Then the kitchen etc, we had no money left to do this one from top to bottom.  We had got rid of the boiler for a new system when we got here and then, so just to tidy it and make it cleaner, I painted over the wallpaper and borders, repainted the woodwork and firesurround, changed old fashioned walllights, took down old glass shelves and got a carpet put in. 

But I am not happy with it! I have not brought down all my cushions after putting my xmas ones away.  I have painted all my furniture cream and most of my bits are cream, beige and I still have red candles and a few red bits.  My curtains are from the old house and are to make do.  
I just don't know what colour theme to go with........any suggestions?  I do not feel I can subject hubby to more pink! as kitchen and bedroom already have lot of that.  Do I stick with the red, but will that look ok in the summer or do I go for something totally different?!  Although it has to go with the red chesterfield sofa as cannot justify changing that. I am hoping the new ranges will inspire me once they finally come in the shops.  Must look thru a few of your blogs for living room ideas!  Please help!


  1. You have done such a brilliant looks so different and really lovely.Colour is such a personal thing isn't it? I have creams and reds in my sitting room,and it looks warm in the Winter,but equally good in the Summer as we get a lot of natural light in the room. Whatever you will be lovely I'm sure..make sure you show us the finished result! :0)

  2. I think your living room looks really lovely and I think you should stick to the cream and red combination(my favourite!). I know what you mean about pink and husbands!! But if you just add bits gradually sometimes they don't even notice!!

  3. i love red .. infact most of my house has red init!!.. our living rooms both have a lot of red in it.. which is gorgeous in the winter as its cosy and then come the summer it tends to become quite fresh.. although this summer i do plan on replaceing the curtains as i felt they were to heavy last year..
    you've done a great job anyways though and you have some lovely things .. you will probably find that the room evolves anyway thats what mine does as i add more bits along the way!!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! We do seem to have much in common! Im not very good at kepping up with posts but better at reading and taking inspiration from others! Nice to meet you Sx

  5. Your dining room is so pretty, and you have really transformed the living room! I have the same rosy throw as you too.
    I have duck-egg blue and beige-pink in my lounge with bits of red here and there. I love red, pink and duck-egg together.

  6. Wow, it looks completely different! Well done! I think green is nice in the living room, it goes with touches of pink and red, and is quite calming. :-)

  7. Wow, what a difference! Your dining room looks so pretty and your living room is the perfect blank canvas.

    I always think that red looks fantastic with bright spring colours - think enamel jugs of tulips and CK type polka dots! Some big, bright floral prints on the cushions would really stand out against your sofa. Can't wait to see your transformation! x

  8. Hi, thanks for stoppinbg by my blog :o) The fair is on 5th Feb at St Peter's Church hall in Cromwell Road. Come along and say hello if you can make it. Hannah x

  9. Loved looking through your house before and afters! Lovely style..

    Priscilla x