Tuesday, 18 January 2011


I have just been over to Pretty Vintage's blog.  She was asking the question..........can you ever have too many collections?  I don't think so - what about you?

My Gentle Giant collects keyrings and my Missy Moo collects flowered headbands!

I have started collecting mirrors in my living room, pretty cups in my kitchen/dining room and want to collect hearts to hang on one wall in my bedroom.

What do you collect? I'm intrigued!


  1. I collect...deep breath!... vintage jugs,sugar bowls,cups and saucers and china posies,chintz china,hanging hearts,pillowcases,linen and lace,and embroidered tray cloths and tablecloths.
    I like your idea of hanging a collection of hearts on the bedroom wall. :0)

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment and letting me find your beautiful blog. I adore your kitchen makeover ... infact everything on your blog is absolutely my taste!
    I have way too many collections: vintage china, c.1970's toys, vintage dresses and scarves, tablecloths, vintage haberdashery, dolls house miniatures, vanity cases .... and much more!

  3. OK....Liberty scarves (about 700) Hermes scarves, Jacqmar scarves, majolica leaf plates, vintage fabric, quilts, beaded 50s cardigans.. any thing vintage textiles.you name it, I've got it

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog today - your blog is lovely - you have a lovely home too.

    I like to collect things - fabric/buttons/books/tins all sorts really xx

  5. I don't think I 'collect' as such - although I DO in the sense that I have 'collections' for various areas of the house (glass candlesticks in my old living room, vintage mirrors in the hallway etc) but am quite good at being restrained and stopping when I have 'enough'. Or maybe that's just my funny brain thinking that if I were to collect something I'd keep buying it and would always be 'collecting'. Am I even making any sense?!

    Thanks for you comment and list suggestion - you're right! I need to dig out a notebook. And no, creeping out in the cold and dark certainly doesn't seem appealing at the moment!! x

  6. Pretty...note you come from Whitstable...near where I originally came from (Kingsgate)....you certainly have some good charity shops there.

  7. Moved for the usual reason...I married a Canadian! many decades ago. My parents had a pub and I was bought up in The Captain Digby.....mys sister lives in Minster and I visit her all the time.