Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Family/Chill out room - after pictures!

So, yesterday I told you the tale of the building of our family room and showed you the before pictures.

As I said, we only did a cheap makeover on it and decided on a seaside theme. We painted the wallpaper white and brightened up the woodwork. Changed the hairy floortiles to a whitewash wood effect vinyl. Covered the built in storage seats with blue duvet covers and the same wood effect sticky back plastic on the bar with fabric. Made some bunting and put up other seaside bits and pieces. Bought a Laura Ashley daybed and made some red,white and blue cushions. Then finally filled it with toys, game consoles, dvd's etc!

So here are the piccies I've been building you up for.....

We have since added a table tennis table, mini fridge, disco ball and karaoke machine!!
It is a well used room by the children and their friends, as well as when we have friends round! 

Here are just a few of the seaside bits too

Hope you agree that just a cheap makeover made quite a difference!!


  1. WOW!!... Its fantastic.. i bet your kids friends are always round.. that is like the ideal hangout!!
    love the colours.. so fresh and vibrant.. you've done a great job on it..
    can i come and stay !!

  2. What a difference! I love it! I'll come play too please :) x

  3. That is an amazing make over!
    What a great chill out room....xx

  4. Hi, just came across your blog! The family room looks fab, love the theme you have in there! I've had a quick read of your posts and love your style, your kitchen is similar to mine and like you I love having a nosy at other peoples homes, I would say I'm addicted to house magazines lol! Will definatly be popping back! Claire xx