Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Our family/Chill out room

This is a 30ft room that was already built above the garage.  It took the previous owner (a builder) 10 years to build it! It started off as a play room and ended up as a family room, as the children had grown up by the time he had finished.

When we moved in we thought that we were going to divide it into two rooms, so the children had large bedrooms.  But they are determined that we should not do this, even though the Gentle Giant (our Son) has a really small bedroom - which he loves!!

This is how it looked previously.........

Very terracotta and yellow, with textured wallpaper and polystyrene ceiling tiles

Built in storage seats covered with horrible, pretend wood, sticky back plastic and those lovely hairy greeny/yellow and brown chequered carpet tiles

A 1970's bar again covered in sticky back plastic- which the children begged us to keep!

We want this room to be the last one we decorate properly in a few years time and at that point we will give them one last chance to change the use of it, if they want to.  So in the meantime we did a kind of cheap makeover on it.............To be shown tomorrow!


  1. wot a fab room .. cant wait to see the after shots.. love the bar !!.. id have that stocked up with pina coladas and fake pineapples!!!

  2. Just catching up with your last few blog posts and I absolutely LOVE your kitchen! Also the makeover on your ebay dresser,what a difference.