Saturday, 8 January 2011

New Kitchen

Ok and now for the after pictures of the kitchen............... although it still isn't quite finished, as you will see

 I decided on plain shaker cream units with a walnut worktop and cream metro tiles.  The walls are painted in Dulux Natural Callico as I thought these plain colours would make all my coloured pretties stand out.

At the moment I still have the previous owners rather tatty cream blind up at this window as I have not found a blind or window dressing to fit in with my scheme.

We looked into getting a radiator put in this room (although there is one in the connecting room)but as we were quoted £1000, we decided on this plug in one! We only really need it on for half an hour at breakfast time and dinner time, in the Winter. This is a bright sunny room most of the time anyway and we couldn't justify spending this money when we have so many other things to do in the house.

We had the vinyl fitted a week before Xmas, and so we are just waiting for the kitchen fitter to return to fit the end panels and plinths for us.

This is the dining area of the kitchen. We still need to get some rugs to go under the table to protect the new floor, the ones above are old ones being used temporarily.  I will probably just get some neutral ones from Ikea.  I also want to get some coloured rugs to go in the centre of the kitchen but just cant find any that are big enough and the right colours.
The curtains at this window are the old ones from my son's bedroom.  Although they are blue they don't really go, but they are doing the job until I can find some new ones............ floral I think - but again I haven't seen any I like.

I also need to get some new oven gloves and teatowels but thought I would wait for the new ranges to come into the shops!

More rooms on the way soon.............


  1. Your kitchen looks lovely, and so different! You've got a similar colour scheme to ours. Have you looked in Next? They have some gorgeous blinds in blue and white polka dot!

    In answer to your question, B&M is a 'home bargains' type shop - look here foor your nearest Lots of tat but the odd bargain! x

  2. That's a shame about the blind, I didn't look at the reviews. I've not got one so can't comment, I just thought they looked lovely.

    I'm in Lincolnshire. Our B&M only opened recently, where an old MFI shop used to be.

    I look forwards to seeing what you spend your vouchers on, make sure you show us your pretties! :) x

  3. I love your kitchen makeover. I have the same tiles in my kitchen too and am really pleased with them. The pink theme is lovely.


  4. loving your kitchen, it's gorgeous. I've just had a carpenter in today putting some shelves up in mine and I'm waiting to take pics tomorrow if it's a bit brighter (rained all day here today!). I wanted a kitchen identical to that from wickes but they wouldn't deliver to Ireland. Worked out better though as I found mine in an antique shop in the end. Enjoy your lovely kitchen - hope you have lots of tea and cakes and laughter in it x

  5. I think your kitchen is lovely. Dated? Maybe the counter is, but a kitchen doesn't cease to be beautiful through being not put in yesterday. And your little shelf has the most luscious grain!
    devis artisan