Friday, 7 January 2011


Ok, I have given up trying to get a picture of the front of the house for now! As good old X-factor says............this will be in no particular order. So I will just see what pictures I already have on the computer and go from there!

So, we moved into our house in August 2009.  Although, at the time, we thought the kitchen was totally liveable.............. 

I soon changed my mind!! By the way these pictures were taken when we were emptying the cupboards to dismantle them, as I suddenly realised we didnt have any "before" piccies.  Hence the mess on the worktops!

Although it is quite a big kitchen there were just units on every wall, against every wall and even jutting out into the room.  Do you know I had so many cupboards that I had one solely for my ironing that was waiting to be done and even one just for boxes of tissues!!

I started to add my pretty bits but it just never looked how I wanted it to!  We had a plan of action for the house and the kitchen was right near the bottom of it.  But we saw that Homebase were doing 50% off of units, then a further 25% off and then I had a voucher for a further 15% off - a bargain I couldnt miss!

We did some research and thru a friend of a friend found a good, and not expensive, kitchen fitter and so we went full steam ahead!

"After" pictures will follow either later - as still havent learnt how to download onto the computer (must write it down this time) or tomorrow!


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