Thursday, 27 January 2011

Crochet tips

Just a quick blog before I go off to work.

I am determined to learn how to crochet this year and I would really love to make a blanket.  I tried knitting last year, but it is too slow for me - I like to see an instant result!

So I learnt, on you tube, how to crochet a flower.  But now I would like to learn how to do some of those fancy squares, to eventually make a blanket.

I have had a quick search and cant find any that are really user friendly.  Just wondering if any of you lovely ladies would be able to point me in the right direction or give me some tips.

Must go now..............

Bye for now


  1. hi you could try this it shows you how to make a basic granny square
    good luck
    xx fee

  2. I only learnt last year,and I struggled to find a tutorial that I could follow easily,and then I found this on youtube.Just type in the box...How to start a granny square by mikeyssmail,and then click on the demo.Hope that helps you get started. :0)

  3. Keep trying - I got there eventually. I bought a book off Amazon to help me - I actually think it was written for children to learn!

  4. Ravelry seems a good place - anyone that can seems to be on there.

    Hope you find some inspiration

    Nina xxx

  5. I agree with Tabiboo, Ravelry is the best place to start. There are 1000's of groups within Ravelry. Last November they clocked up membership of 1 million crocheters & knitters from around the world. within Ravelry and everyone is so supportive. There are thousands of free patterns, and links to patterns to purchase. You just need to sign up and get started, and be warned it is a very addictive website!

    I am not sure you will be able to go to the link below without first joining Ravelry, it is a "Learn to Crochet" group you might be interested in. Good luck!

  6. Hi I am also new to crochet and trying to learn on you tube. I have just got some books from the library one called 'the knitting and crochet bible', I am hoping I can learn somthing from that! I love the blankets, although I am not familiar with reading a pattern yet I also got a book from the library called '200 crochet blocks for blanket throws and afgans',so many beautiful squares now I just need to learn the stitches! lol Good luck with your crochet and let me know if you find any great tutorials xx

    Priscilla x