Monday, 17 January 2011

Its Monday again

Doom and gloom today?  Mine hasn't been too bad actually!  I have been out and about shopping and got some bargain curtains in the Laura Ashley sale.  They are for my kitchen - will show you pictures another day.

But for now, I need some help! I often see you all raving about Etsy, but I have tried to go on the site and everything I look at seems to be in dollars.............what am I doing wrong? Please enlighten me.

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  1. There is the option to select prices to show up in £'s rather than $'s on Etsy, so take a look around their help pages and see if the convertor is there. It normally shows up automatically for me, but maybe I had to activate it in the first place. Can't remember.

    ooh, I love LA sales, they're so good. Last year we got wallpaper for the dining room and living room at half price, and the living room furniture was almost half price too - with free delivery. When they have sales, they have good ones. And their curtains are the best, in my humble opinion!

    Southwold, well, I don't know it that well myself, but my hubbys sister has a home there and always seems to be staying. So she and her hubby love it there. From what I've heard there is lots to see and do, and some good pubs (the rest of the family went for a meal there on Boxing Day). So I'd say that yes, it's a great place to go for a long weekend.

    just hope the weather is nice for you when you visit! ;o)

    raining here again today!