Monday, 24 January 2011

Missy Moo's room

When we moved in, the second size bedroom had built in wardrobes.  Good, you might think.......but no they were handmade -  and not very well!
After using them for a short while, we ripped them out but they had huge nails and screws holding them to three walls and the ceiling! You can imagine the mess and damage when we tried to remove them!
It was hard to take before pictures and only thought of it when clearing it out......

So the whole room and ceiling was replastered and painted white. We had a rustic looking laminate oak flooring laid.  Purple venetian blinds, new curtains and bedding, new bigger bed, pretty light etc etc. We ordered some new wardrobes from Argos, but when they arrived they were damaged and the ones that weren't damaged didnt fit together properly so sent them all back!

In the meantime, I gave her a chest of drawers that had been used downstairs and a double clothes rail

I have also given her an old Dunelm Mill chest which I am going to do a makeover on, to use as a bedside cabinet

As well as a lamp that I was no longer using - with a venetian mirror finish - just need to get a new purple/pink shade for it.  She has also decided she wants a wall of purple flower pictures, that she is going to collect.

I searched and searched for a solid wardrobe that we could fit up the narrow staircase! without any luck.

Then one day I found this on e-bay

I didnt know where I was going to use it, just wanted it! So put in a bid and won it for £1.63!!!!!

As soon as my Missy Moo saw it, she wanted it in her bedroom. So we have been using it to hide the clothes rail, and it does the job perfectly.

Now the pink gingham curtains/fabric I got from Argos, is what I am going to use to cover it.  So yesterday, I started the project.  It took quite a while just to strip the fabric off and remove all the staples and hinges.  But this is what each section is like now.....

 Will update when I get time to do a bit more!


  1. oooh nice screen its going to look lovely in that beautiful bedroom what a lucky little girl
    xx fee

  2. What a lovely girly bedroom.I love the flower lamp above the bed! Can't wait to see the reveal on that ebay bargain. :0)

  3. Its going to look lovely when finished. looking forward to seeing the photos.

  4. That screen is lovely! Your daughter will have a great girly room.

  5. what a fabulous screen!! And such a bargain! scarlett x