Saturday, 15 January 2011

More purchases!

Went to Chatham Dockside Outlet and then onto Bluewater today.  Just felt the need to get out and do something, and what better than a bit of retail therapy!

I was hoping that the shops wouldn't still be filled with just the leftover old tat.............and I wasn't disappointed. 

First of all I wanted a new purse and bag. I didn't manage to find the right bag, but this is the purse that I got:

At one of my most favourite shops....The Range...I got some tea-towels.  They, as always, had lots of lovely bits but I had to restrain myself.

I couldn't resist these at £2.99 for 3, and they were something I actually needed.

The next thing I was so excited about, I nearly bought more than one!  I didn't even spot it in the Next outlet shop but luckily I have trained my Missy Moo (daughter) very well and she knows a pretty when she sees one!!

It is a little bird house and is even prettier in real life!  It even says "Home Tweet Home" above the door.  While we were queueing up to pay the £5!! for it, I said to my daughter that I wanted to keep it in the house so I could keep looking at it.  Her reply was - that she would like to live in it herself!

This has cheered me up from the January blues and really made my day - how easily I am pleased!


  1. Oh such lovely bits, especially that bird house. And your purse is very Cath Kidston, isn't it! x

  2. Fab buys - especially the caravan - far to nice for birds ;)

  3. I want that bird house, it's amazing!!!

    My you have a clever 9 year old. x

  4. I love your colourful purse,and that bird house is adorable! ;o)

  5. I'm easily pleased too. I have to get to the Range at the weekend, I need new teatowels and those Cath looking ones are perfect!

    I love Bluewater. Haven't been for ages though. I need to introduce my darling daughter to the delights of Lakeside and Bluewater, she'll love it! She's already a great bargain hunter. Every time we go to Early Learning Centre, whatever she says she wants is usually reduced or on offer! Takes after her mama!

    have a lovely evening.

    sadie x

  6. we're in suffolk, so it's not too bad to travel to Bluewater or Lakeside, well, traffic permitting!

    Luckily for me, we have The Range and Dunelm here, or I'd be totally gutted! I love Ikea too, but haven't been there for years.

    When my little girl is a bit older, then I'll happily take her there, with lunch at Harry Ramsdens (if it's still open), seems a bit cruel to drag her all the way there now. She's happy enough with jaunts into town, and loves to go into starbucks with me. I have a caramel macchiato, she has a massive choccy coin.

    Safe to say I've started her off young! She'll have a lifelong love of shopping now!

    stay cosy. very dark and rainy here today. :o) x

  7. What a cute little bird house.

    N x