Sunday, 6 February 2011

Understairs Cupboard update

Nothing too exciting...........but here is an update on the understairs cupboard I was having fitted the last time I blogged.

Here are before piccies....

This shows where there was a recess back under the stairs.  We couldn't put much under there as there was a door to the small understairs cupboard. So we just had a chest of drawers with spare towels in.
This shows the old door to the original cupboard.  There is a gas meter in here but other than that we couldn't fit very much!  No ironing board or hoover, just a few bags!

You can also see the delightful "peach" walls and horrid brown carpet which is the only floor covering we haven't managed to replace yet.

Today, I primed all the new woodwork and have started working my way round painting over the peach wallpaper.  I actually like the embossed wallpaper, but just want to make it white! 
  This is the recessed area, now with doors on

The door has been removed from the old cupboard, but I am going to hang a curtain here, to make it look tidier and hide the gas meter.
I bought two sets of these coat hooks to put on one wall, at adult and child height, to keep our many coats tidy!

Originally I couldnt decide on a blue or grey hall.  But have now decided to stick with white walls, as I have seen lots of blue pretties that will stand out better then.  I want to paint the front door in a nice chalky blue though!
Will keep you updated.


  1. It's all taking shape nicely..looking forward to the next update! :0)

  2. It will be great to have somewhere to store all the jackets, shoes etc! Looking forward to the finished photos!!

  3. Hi, sorry I missed you at the fair! I know the feeling re. money it was very hard to resist spending anything I made on all the other lovely stalls but I did manage to restrain myself too :o). Fingers crossed everything works out with your hubby and his job. Maybe I'll see you at the next one in April. Thanks for joining in my giveaway & good luck. Hannah x x

  4. I bet it'll look gorgeous in white. I can't wait to see the finished product!!

    Chalky blue sounds LOVELY for the door.