Sunday, 27 February 2011

Technical Help please

I wonder if any of you, more experienced, bloggers can help me??!!

My son has set up his own blog on Harry Potter.  However, everytime he tries to follow someone - it shows as his real name and not his blogging name.  We have gone through all the admin type screens trying to find where this is linking in from, but we are stuck! 

We would be grateful for any advice you can give on where to go from here!

Thank you!


  1. I think it's because following is linked to your email account and nothing to do with blogger (shows my real name too). I suggest he sets up another gmail account with an alias and uses that as his blog sign in.

  2. Hi

    Love your blog! checked out your archive like you said to look at your rooms/decoration and love them all! I have the same brown/white spot cushions, made them with fabric from Dunelm. I also get most of house magazines on subscription, getting more with Tesco clubcard points :)

    You're my new best mate! lol

    Bee happy x