Sunday, 13 February 2011

Donut bargains!!

Have had a good weekend, despite the weather.

Yesterday, we travelled to Hertfordshire to meet relatives at a Greek restaurant to celebrate my grandad inlaw's?!? 90th birthday.  There were relatives there who we hadn't seen for 15 years but it was just like we had seen them last week.  We had a real laugh and a great time.
On the way there, we stopped off at The Range but nothing much caught my eye - which is good in a way, as supposed to be only spending what we need to!  The reason we went there was to get some knobs for our new understairs cupboard.  I knew I could rely on The Range for cheap ones - and yes, I got them for £1 each!
On the way home, Ikea was calling.  But again, didnt get much - just two £1.50ish rugs for the family room and a pink and a blue flowerpot!!  
Today was my bargain day..................went to Sainsbury and whilst I was looking in the freezers I noticed that their packs of 16 mini doughnuts were reduced from £1 to 10p!!  So I bought 160 mini doughnuts for £1!!! Ideal to be added to the party food for my son's birthday tea which is coming up, and the leftovers for when we have other children round.  Not much room in the freezer for anything else now though!!
Busy week next week, but half-term week after that............hooray! Couldn't come soon enough!

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  1. I love those family get togethers.We had a reunion last year of all the relatives of my maternal grandfather.Some of whom I met for the first time!
    I like those cheapy rugs in Ikea too.Bella seems to think I'm putting them on the floor just for her though.Luckily you can just bung them in the washing machine and they come up a treat.I'm off to do my weekly shop at Sainsbury this morning and will look out for those bargain donuts! :0)