Monday, 21 February 2011

Good news

Well today I got some news, that I have been waiting since October for!  I have been funded to do a Level 3 Diploma in Early Years/Childcare! There has been lots of hope building and disappointments since last year, but it has finally been signed off so that myself and 6 colleagues will be starting the course in about 2 weeks time!!
It will mean lots of hard work for between 1-2 years, but will def be worth it in the end.

Right then, I mentioned yesterday that I need some help.  On Wednesday my children are going to stay with my parents for a couple of nights so that we can get underway with painting the hallway.  This is going to be a makeover where I keep the current wallpaper and paint over it, keep the laminate in the downstairs hall and replace the carpet up the stairs and along the landings. I will need to replace the curtains and need new rugs etc but all in all it shouldn't be too expensive.

Now my problem........

There was a bannister on the right hand side of the stairs, attached to the wall.  We have removed it so that we can paint the wall, but it is so much wider and less old fashioned without it.  My dilema is, what can I put on the wall to hide the holes, if I dont put it back up after.  

As you can see from the first photo, the holes are not that high up, so I cant hang pictures to cover them (there are about 5 sets in all) plus there is a round dent in the wallpaper around the actual holes.

Any ideas anyone???


  1. I would fill - you won't notice them when it's painted - that textured wallpaper hides a multitude of sins!

  2. Im not a great DIYer so prob not the best to answer the question but I would agree with filling them. Keep us updated with the make-over! Scarlett x p.s - I think it is 'the quiet life' rather than being nice- haha!

  3. That is a tricky one.I would be inclined to fill the holes too.So happy for you about the course..lovely news! :0)