Saturday, 17 September 2011

I have resigned myself to the fact that I might as well keep my 30 year old Chesterfield Sofas!  They were my parents originally and then they were passed to me, when they updated theirs.  I wanted new ones, just so that I could get a 3 seater, now that the family members are getting bigger - hubby and me are trying to lose a bit of weight.......but there is no stopping the 10 year old and 13 year old who are shooting up up up!!

Anyway, I have looked at a few and they are either not my style, not practical or too expensive.  Added to the fact, that I do love my chesterfield and they are very "in" this season - particularly vintage bashed about ones!

So as it is a red colour, I have changed my living room to suit.  I decided to go for white and red rather than the cream I had originally.  So I re-painted all my furniture white, changed the curtains for voile/muslins and bought some lovely wooden venetian blinds...............topped with some red accessories of course.............

 I still need to make some more cushions - settees look a bit bare!  and I want to get some nice new throws (would love a crochet red, pink and blue one actually - but dont know the best place to get one from!?)

I also need to cover the hardboard behind the electric fire and am thinking of covering it with a wallpaper to add a bit of colour - but again dont know which one.  I tried a Cath one but it was more pink than red, so am now looking at a sample of this one................what do you think?

At one point, I tried to remove the border, before painting over the wallpaper - and failed miserably - but I have now found this lovely item to cover up the ripped section!!
 I also bought a few bits from The Range (my fav!) the other day.  They were actually Xmas and Halloween bits but this one didn't look Christmassy to me and looks lovely in my new colour theme
and here are the other bits

Am starting to look forward to doing some seasonal decorating!!!




  1. i think the sofas are lovely and i reckon once you've put a load of cushions over it will look all cosy anyways..i love red and white to, ive got the cath kidston antique rose wallpaper in our room its got a reddy pink shade to it and i have lots of red in my room that seems to work well as it doesnt look to matchy then as its all part of the same colour family!
    love love your little red birds .. we dont have a range round here gutted!!..

  2. Leather sofa's just become more beautiful and comfortable with use. So, I'm sure you will not regret hanging-on-to them.

    I am a big fan of gingham and your little birds are so sweet.


  3. You need to crochet your own throw!

  4. I love your sofa - it's fab! You should see mine - I also thought cushions would be good - I think at last count I had 12 on it !!! Yes 12 - I got a bit carried away :O)

  5. Your sofas will look lovely with a crochet blanket and some more cushions, I love the red & white birds and the pumpkin tealight holder. I got a handmade crochet granny blanket on ebay for £11 a while ago, it was an absolute bargain, may be worth a look on there. Also Greengate are doing some gorgeous red & white accessories this year :) Hannah

  6. love the chesterfields. They really are a classic design and so comfy too. Even better when bashed up over the years.

    Love all the bits & pieces dotted around your room. Those lanterns are fantastic from The Range aren't they? I've bought 7 of them this year, to have dotted by the side of the garden path!

    Happy bd for the 16th, yey to a fellow Libran!