Monday, 12 September 2011

Oh no!

The first day of the dreaded Kent Test is here!! After all the hard work and practice tests, my youngest is finally doing two days of testing to see whether she will go to grammar or comprehensive school next year.  It is just not right that they should have to go through all this pressure and stress................but it has to be done and my baby has the right attitude - she told me she is looking forward to it!!!

So fingers crossed, she has worked so hard and deserves to pass!!

Good luck to anyone else who has a little one going through this too!


  1. It sounds a bit like the old 11-plus.


  2. that sounds like the 11plus.. is it similar??.. we dont seem to have that were we are... im sure your little one will be smashing.. kids just get on with it dont they ..its us parents who become the gibbering wreaks!!


  3. My daughter does similar transfer tests in November/ December. I HATE it! She is such a worker but is struggling a little and it breaks my heart! The constant practice papers since February are not helping the pressure!
    Good luck to your little girl! I hope she does really well! Cx

  4. Fingers crossed for your little girl, best of luck Scarlett x

  5. I felt exactly the same last year, but on the upside we have free grammar schools in Kent - anywhere else in the country you would have to pay for the priviledge and the comps are pretty good in our county.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    Nina xxx

    ps. I was pretty disappointed with Stratford - all commercial and not very sympathetic at all to the history, but if you head away from the shops and out to the theatre is is really rather lovely. A pig for parking and very expensive. We wouldn't go back. N x