Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Catch up

I feel like I can't put any proper posts on, until I have had a holiday catch-up!

Basically we had a lovely time, even though we didn't go abroad for the first time in years.  Hubby had 3 weeks off with us and we visited all kinds of places - do you know, I was going to list them but can't remember most of them now...........isn't that terrible!!?  And of course I bought a few pretties along the way - which I will try to show you another time.

Since then I have returned to work and I have now been commissioned by the Childrens Centre, so I am now guaranteed 4 days a week work (wanted one day off!) until at least March 2012! which is brilliant news!  I am also still studying and trying to catch up on housework and shopping in between - so you must excuse me if I do not a regular blogger!

As my previous blog said - my daughter has been doing her Kent Test, and did the last test today!! I am so glad it is all over now.............well until the results are released on 17th October!  Then we will know whether she has got through for a grammar or comprehensive school and then the school viewings must begin.

Ok, I must take some piccies and get some proper posts on here, before you all up and leave me!!!


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