Wednesday, 12 October 2011

October news

Just a general update on what we have been up to since my last post.   

We have been busy doing day and evening tours round various non-selective and grammar schools.  We get the results of daughters Kent Test on Monday -but because we then only have 2 weeks to make a decision on a school (and one week is halfterm) we have had to start the hunt now!  Really wish we could find out the results before building up hopes!!

One bonus of these viewings, was that we bumped into a family that I used to meet at toddler group when daughter was 0-3, and had coffee mornings round each others houses with other mums too.  We separated once children went to different nurseries on different days. This was all in Bexleyheath - about an hours drive away - where we used to live, and they have just moved down to the coast too! I couldnt get my head around the fact that I recognised her but it was in a totally different area to where I would have expected to see her!!  Anyway numbers have been swapped and a meeting arranged!

A few celebrations - on 4th was hubbys birthday, so had a nice meal from a lovely Greek restaurant in North London on the Saturday after the day, but on the actual evening he was on his own as we were looking round yet another school!  The 5th was our 15th wedding anniversary - but this just kind of came and went with everything else that is happening at mo!  And this Sunday - 16th is my birthday.

Hope you are enjoying this lovely weather as much as I am!! It just makes you feel so happy doesn't it!?  It's funny because we got married the day after hubbys birthday because he said that the weather was always good around his birthday and that his family always had a BBQ to celebrate (being Greek!) - def got that right this year!!

Back soon...............with results!!!


  1. Sounds like you've been busy :) We didn't do any school tours - there really is only a choice of one school here!!

    Youngest has gone back tonight as after visiting last year - this year he is helping to show new parents around :)

  2. Awe happy birthday for the 16th! Where abouts in North London were you!? x

  3. Congrats on your anniversary..and have a lovely birthday on Sunday,hope the sun shines for you. :0)

  4. Thay don't give you much time to choose a school do they! It seems silly and a bit of a waste of time to have to go round every school only for some to then be taken out of the equation depending on test results. I can't understand why as you say they don't just wait for the results first but hey I really have no idea how the school system works. Anyway, have a lovely birthday on Sunday, I hope you get spoiled rotten x

  5. Happy anniversary and birthday wishes to you.
    I do hope all goes well with the schools I know it is a worrying time. One of my daughters went to Grammar and the other a secondary modern, both have done really well. So you can only hope for the best whatever happens.x

  6. Hi again, yes the fair is at the usual place - Methodist Church in Argyle Rd. maybe see you there? :)