Monday, 24 October 2011


I am now another year older.  Sunday 16th was my birthday.  I got lots of pretty cards (cupcakes seemed to be a popular theme), some money to spend on clothes and pretties and some pressies from my family.........

All those piccies make the reds look really orange but they are a darker red than that!  They also got me some fairy lights that have little shades with red and white polka dots, and red flowers.  Just trying to decide where in my living room to put them - as the lead isnt very long.

Since then I have bought lots of clothes and also treated myself to some more pretties for the living room from The Range.......

I added a bit of beige to the red and white scheme, to warm it up for the winter

I do love The Range, and dont mind spending some of my birthday pennies in there, when all this lot came to a grand total of £27!!!  Bargain!

Now the other bit of may remember that I told you that my daughter was taking the dreaded Kent Test?! Well........
She passed!!  We were so relieved and proud of her!  We have already put in her choices for the grammar school she would like to go to - and her first choice is the same one as her brother goes to, so she is pretty much guaranteed a place there.  Fingers crossed anyway, but we dont find out till next March!

Another reason to celebrate is because Bluewater is now going to start hosting some of the big exhibitions!!  They have a new conference/events centre and are already advertising shows for next January - April.  I have already booked tickets for the Stitch and Hobbycraft Show and am waiting for tickets to go on sale for the BBC Good food show they are hosting.  They are also having a wedding show and a vitality show - and I am waiting for more to be released for later in the year!!  Whoopie - and it is only about 30 mins drive from me!!
Enough celebrations for one post!


  1. Happy belated Birthday for the 16th, looks like you had some lovely gifts! I wish I had a range near me! x

  2. Happy Belated birthday! You did have some fabulous gifts and how exciting about Bluewater :o)) Scarlett x

  3. Happy Birthday!...albeit belated.What lovely presents you had! You must be very proud and happy for your daughter,well done to her. :0)

  4. Happy belated birthday! I looked at The Range on Sunday, but didn't have time to go in - wish I did now!! Also congratulations to your daughter, well done her! xxx

  5. Belated happy birthday to you - some lovely presents and goodies you have there!

  6. Happy belated birthday ,love your new purchases, gorgeous!!just found your lovely blog,I'm now following.
    hope you have a lovely weekend.