Friday, 31 May 2013

When the weather turned nicer, we decided to concentrate on doing up our garden.  Although we have slowly been building up the plants and bits & pieces, it still seemed to lack something.

There are a lot of "areas" that are doing nothing in the garden - so action has been taken!

We are having all new fences fitted in 3 weeks time - which I am looking forward to, because then we can move some of our taller plants to over to the fence to soften it.

When we moved in to our house almost 4 years ago, there was this brick built structure at the end of the garden.  All we have used it for, is somewhere to keep the rabbit!  The rabbit has now been put in a new warm home - as we had the shed re-roofed, so we decided to transform this building into a "mediterranean" area, that we could use!

All hands were on deck for the decorating and the green walls soon disappeared!

Then I managed to get a free table  from someone who just wanted to get rid of them - I painted it blue..........then I went to a furniture charity shop near us and got 2 wooden chairs that were almost identical to two we already owned and.....................painted those blue too!!!
Then I started collecting bits from charity shops, bootsales, Lidl and The Range.  I got some flower pots, some "greek" looking plates, tea light holders and lamps, fairy lights as well as hanging bits and pieces.  Luckily at around that time Lidl had lemon, fig, olive and orange trees going cheap - so I got some of these and also some red geraniums and some cordyline plants in green and red.

I thought these huge wicker chairs would be ideal to relax in after we have eaten delicious food from the BBQ - plus the sun shines straight into this area (its the last bit of the garden to get sun) from about 4 oclock onwards.  These chairs were £10 each from a bootsale and then I found cushion pads to fit them in Ikea yesterday!

I still need to add some blue, red and orange cushions and some more plates and bits as I find them.  I also have a blue gingham oilcloth for the round metal table. We are having a new corrugated roof put on - as this one leaks slightly and then I am going to hide the ugliness with muslin drapes - already got some bright blue ones for £5 for the pair in Ikea!

So we are definitely getting there with the transformation - now just need some hot sunshine so we can sit down there and dream of being somewhere else!!!


  1. It is looking good, love the blue.

  2. What a lovely transformation! Lets hope there will be lots of sunny days ahead so you can enjoy your special place in the garden.

    Bellaboo X

  3. Stunning!
    Sounds like you done a lot of hard work, but it was well worth it, it looks really lovely.
    You just need the chance for a sit down and a G&T! (or 2!)
    Z xx

  4. ooh, I like that! What a gorgeous thing to have in the garden, and the makeover looks super.

    No, I didn't make the gazebo (love that you wondered if I did!), it's Cath Kidston. They didn't sell it for long, and as soon as I saw it I had to have it. One of the best things we've ever bought!

    Good luck with getting some sunshine. We had some here last week, but naturally it cleared off on party day, we had cloud windy weather instead! Typical! x

  5. Hello just found you via another blog...I love your blue table...well done and happy 2014 to you and yours
    daisy J