Sunday, 17 March 2013 has been a long long time since I last posted!! Last June in fact! And do u know I was just reading that post and I had just bought an Easter decoration - which will be put up next week!! Where does time go??!

Well a lot has happened since June - the main things being: our daughter is now at the same Secondary school as our son - and is all settled and they are both doing so so well.  I finished and passed my Level 3 diploma in childcare - which led to me wanting some changes so I left my job at the Children's Centre and now work in a 1 to 1 position in a nursery.  

Any other relevant changes will probably be mentioned along the way - but I have decided to just carry on as though I have never been away.............cos I haven't really, I have still been reading all the blogs I follow every single day.

So..............for a long time now - probably since last Easter in fact, I have wanted a twig tree.  I have advertised it on our local facebook bootsale site and have been to the woods on numerous occasions but not been able to find the "right" twigs - I know, out of all those trees!   Last week it was suggested that I look in The Range or Hobby craft.  Well The Range let me down on this occasion, but Hobby Craft sure didn't...........

I was so pleased and cannot wait to decorate it with some Easter decs next week.  I am also going to decorate it with some handmade fabric birds (just got to get into gear and make some!!) and then Xmas decs later in the year.
It was like Christmas yesterday because I purchased this and I have also been hunting high and low for an old wooden standard lamp and would you believe that I also managed to buy one of those yesterday too.............sure was my lucky day! Will post a pic of that another day.  It needs painting and I have to find a shade for it but still - one step at a time!  

I also bought some extra Easter decs yesterday......
 A cheap paper tablecloth

Some eggs on sticks??!

 and some good old paperchains

I will definitely try to keep up with the blogging now!!  Be back again soon.  -x-

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  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to following your new posts! I have been enjoying your old posts while you've been away! I have to tell you I have perfect twig envy!! I am on the hunt for my Easter tree!!