Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A late bootsale blog

Last weekend I went bootying on my own..............bliss!  Didn't get very much but am pleased with what I did get............
I thought this £1 "tree of love" picture would be nice either in our new hallway or in with the wall of hearts above our bed

These sewing magazines all contain housey bits to make and were only 10p each

I also had to pop into Homebase to buy a new toilet seat of all things! But just had to get these.... and only 99p each minus 15% as I had a voucher.


  1. my reader has been down for a few days, you are my first read...Ive missed you!

  2. we really have very similar tastes!!.. i bought that tree of love piccie from a carboot last year and its on my landing above a little shelf!!..
    and i was looking at the little lanterns in homebase this morning thinking that when i next go back i was going to buy them !!..

  3. Love getting cheap magazines! The lanterns are so cute, Im on a bit of a spray paint mission so these would be sprayed within an inch of their life in my house! lol. Scarlett x

  4. Great buys, I love that picture (can't wait to see where it ends up! and the lanterns are so cute! x

  5. Ooh, great bargain magazine finds, I'm very jealous! I love scouring the car boot sales too :)