Friday, 13 May 2011

Last post

My last post has disappeared!!??!!  It was my bootsale buys and some lanterns from Homebase.  This morning I couldnt sign in and now I can, but the post has gone....................can anyone help??


  1. You and the rest of us sadly. Basically blogger went t*ts up and all posts from yesterday have vanished in the repair process.

    Most of us have just either reposted (if we'd saved it eleswhere) or just had to rewrite them if not. What a pain *rolls eyes*

  2. this happened to me too..very frustrating tho it came back in the end...

  3. One of mine has gone too - I have no idea if they will come back! :(

    And yes my sofa is ikea! It was a hand me down and we have washed the covers a few times - It's very easy and they fit back on easily! However, I wouldn't recommend white! We keep blankets on it to try and protect it, but it has a few stains that even the dry cleaner couldn't get out :(

    Very comfy and useful though (we have a sofabed and storage underneath!) x

  4. Thank you! Have a lovely weekend too! x

  5. Oh dear! I've had problems with blogger,not able to comment on peoples blogs last week.Hope it gets sorted for you soon.
    Glad you like my bunting.It's fabric and I just put it out for the photo because it was so windy today I thought it might end up in the next door neighbours garden!

  6. Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog on Friday! They meant a lot.

    One of my posts disappeared and eventually came back a few days later! I hope yours does too! x